Cookie Policy

To make sure that our website functions adequately and is able to provide the whole range of services, we use cookies. Cookies are small files which are automatically saved on your device while you are surfing the Internet. These are simple text files which are saved only for a temporary period of time, on a local base, and can be easily reviewed and deleted by you.
Cookies allow us to provide faster and more convenient navigation, multiple social media functions (like sharing and commenting) on the website, as well as adequately chosen, personalized content and appropriate advertising offers based on the way in which you access and use the website. We use 4 basic types of cookies:

1. Essential Cookies

These are cookies which are necessary for the regular functioning of the website. Without them, many of the functions cannot be used. For example: making an order of a product or a service, completion of the online survey, and online payments. 

2. Cookies with Indicators on the Activity of the Website

These cookies are used only for the improvement of the efficiency of the website. Thanks to them, we can specify which pages on the website you visit most frequently as well as the navigation (which menus and buttons on the website you reach them from). This helps us improve the efficiency of the navigation on the website and to distribute its contents in a convenient way. For example: which articles and categories from the blog are the most interesting ones and how you reach them. These cookies do not contain any personal information which identifies you. 

3. Functional Cookies

These cookies allow the website to memorize the personal settings and preferences you have for it, so as you do not have to change them with each visit. For example: the choice of zooming (the size of the font) the pages. 

4. Cookies for Personal Targeting

These cookies allow us to show advertisements, offers, and recommended articles based on your interests, as well as to follow how well the different products and services offered on the website are presented. For example: if you want to lose weight and look for articles or materials on this issue, you will be shown offers and additional materials especially intended for this purpose. 

In Addition 

Each of the most frequently used Internet browsers allows a wide range of settings for the collection and use of cookies from different website. Usually, these settings are found in the settings menu of the browser, namely: ‘Preferences’ or ‘Confidentiality and Safety’. If you limit the access of our website to the cookies and their use, some of its functions may not work well or they will not be personalized according to your preferences and interests.

The last change in our cookies policy was on 13 July 2020 in connection to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).