Terms of Service

Read this document carefully and make sure you clearly understand its contents.

1. Basic Terms and Regulations

1.1 ‘Website’ means the following website address: www.Biohacking.biz
1.2 ‘Trader’ means the legal entity MERBAU PSYCHOLOGY CONSULTING LTD., UIC: 204629380, with registered address in the Republic of Bulgaria, the city of Sofia, 28 G. M. Dimitrov Blvd., telephone: +359 988343451, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Manager Fedor Milykh.
1.3 ‘Programmes’ mean electronic educational products, diets, training programmes, and other services which can be bought on the website.
1.4 ‘Programme Provider’ means the private entity Fedor Milykh – a fitness instructor, psychologist, and Manager of MERBAU PSYCHOLOGY CONSULTING LTD.
1.5 ‘User’ means each person who visits the website, no matter if they understand or use its contents, if they respond or not to any references from the website or to any of its contents or to other websites.
1.6 ‘Client’ means any private or legal entity who makes an order for the purchase of any programmes. With each order, the Client declares that they are able entities and over 18 years old or have the consent of an adult parent/guardian to prepare a programme. In case of a doubt connected to the age of the Client, the trader keeps their right to reject the order and to inform the Client about that.
1.7 Clicking an object, image, link, or a button on the website, a User shall unconditionally accept the general conditions, without any limitation. If they do not agree with the current conditions, the User shall not have the right to make orders of programmes from the website.
1.8 These general conditions shall become valid on 13 July 2020. The Provider shall keep the right to change these general conditions at any time by timely publishing them on the website. The changes shall not be valid for any completed or accepted orders.

2. Subject Matter of the Website

2.1 The website contains information, video, or other materials connected to healthy lifestyle and keeping fit.
2.2 The website offers different paid programmes like diets, training programmes, combinations of diets and training programmes (Combo Programmes) and others connected to healthy lifestyle and keeping fit. The conditions for using the programmes are described in Section 5. General Conditions for Using the Website Programmes.

3. Use of the Website

3.1 A User can review, download to a personal computer/electronic device, and print any information on the website only for personal and non-commercial purposes.
3.2 The information on the website cannot be changed, copied, published, partially or completely modified, distributed to third parties, or stored on another server without the explicit consent of the Trader and the Provider.
3.3 The website is not intended to convince the Users to use the information they have received from the website on themselves or on third parties. Neither the Trader nor the Provider are liable for any damage from the use of materials or information published on the website.
3.4 The Users are informed that before they start any physical exercises or a diet, they should consult a doctor.
3.5 The Users can publish comments, offers or ideas on the website in connection to its contents and structure, unless their contents are illegal, obscene, threatening or slanderous.
3.6 The Users do not have the right to perform any political/pre-election campaigns, mass messages, or any kind of SPAM. The use of someone else’s identity is forbidden. Each piece of detailed information shall be removed and/or redacted. Each piece of information sent to the contact addresses shall be used under the personal data protection regulations.

4. Liability 

4.1 Neither the Trader nor the Provider shall be liable for any losses – direct, indirect, or consequential damages, missed benefits resulting from or connected to the access of the Users to the use of the website and/or to the paid programmes.
4.2 The programmes (training programmes, diets, etc.) are in accordance with information given by the specific User. Neither the Trader nor the Provider shall be liable for any damage to the Clients or to third parties in case that they have not consulted a physician while following the training programmes or the diets prepared against payment.
4.3 The Trader shall inform the Users for their readiness to help them in any problem connected to the use of the website, as the Users should connect the Trader via the contact format.

5. General Conditions for the Use of the Programmes on the Website
5.1 Information about the Programmes

5.1.1 The Trader offers different paid programmes on the website and states their price on a visible place.
5.1.2 The programmes offered by the Trader are electronic educational programmes, diets, fitness programmes, and others directed to healthy lifestyle and keeping fit. The programmes are prepared by the Provider and sent to the Client either in the form of a PDF document with text and imaging materials or as a login with a password to the distance learning system for watching video lectures.
5.1.3 The price of the programmes with an additional consultation includes a 15-minute conversation on Skype or by phone between the Provider and the Client.
5.1.4 The price of the programme with an additional meeting includes a 15-minute live meeting between the Provider and the Client at a preliminary appointed venue.
5.1.5 The Client is provided information about the content of each programme offered on the website as well as its price.
5.1.6 The Client orders the preparation of the programme on the website by paying the stated price in one of the offered ways of payment.

5.2 Paying the Programmes

5.2.1 The prices of the programmes stated on the website are in Bulgarian levs or in their euro equivalence and are final (they include VAT and they are not subject to any additional taxes or Provider’s fees). The Trader shall keep the right to change any prices of the programmes offered on the website at their own discretion, at any time, and without the obligation to inform the Client before that.
5.2.2 The Client shall pay the price of the programme stated as of the moment of the purchase regardless of any change in its value after that.
5.2.3 The payment shall be done with a bank transfer to the account of the Trader, with a debit or a credit card to a virtual POS terminal or through the payment systems of EasyPay, ePay.bg or PayPal. The Trader shall not have access to the data from the Client’s bank card.
5.2.4 Before paying a programme, the Client fills in an online survey in which they enter their e-mail, name, surname, and phone number. The Client shall be obliged to provide true and actual information for the survey. Otherwise, the Provider shall not be liable for any undelivered and/or unfinished order for the receipt of programme, regardless of the correct payment.
5.2.5 While completing the online survey, the Client states their dietary and movement habits and their requirements to the Provider for the preparation of the programme. That is why, the term of preparation foreseen by the Provider is 10 working days from the date of the completion of the online survey and/or the payment of the programme, as it can be changed by the Provider with the consent of the Client. After this term, the Client receives the prepared programme on the stated e-mail. If the date of the receipt of the programme is on a weekend or a public holiday, the programme shall be sent to the Client on the next working day.

5.3 Programme Properties

5.3.1 The Provider shall provide the programmes in a PDF format as they can be downloaded and stored on the Client’s personal computer or on another data carrier only for their personal use.
5.3.2 The Client should have an installed software for opening PDF documents (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader) in order to be able to review the programmes on a personal computer or on another electronic carrier.
5.3.3 The Provider shall inform the Client that the programmes are not prepared by a physician and shall recommend the Client to consult a physician before using them.
5.3.4 The Provider shall inform the Client that in case of any disorder, medical condition, or suspicion for a disorder or pregnancy and breastfeeding, they have to consult a physician before starting any physical exercises and/or diets.

5.4 Refund of the Paid Price

5.4.1 In case of any technical or other problem which is not Client’s fault and it cannot be fixed by them, which is why they are not able to have a timely access to the paid programmes after the performed valid payment of the price, they must immediately inform the Trader on the following e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If the problem cannot be fixed within 15 working days after the payment, the Trader shall refund the fee paid by the Client within 5 working days.
5.4.2 The Trader shall not refund the price paid by the Client in any other cases which are not mentioned in the previous item.
5.4.3 The Trader shall refund any received amounts using the same payment method used by the Client in their initial transaction unless the Client has explicitly expressed their consent for the use of another payment method and in case that this is not connected to additional expenses of the Trader.
5.4.4 If the payment has already been made and the Client has not completed the survey or has decided to stop, they can notify the Trader within 60 working days.

6. Other Conditions

6.1 The Trader shall make sure that the information on the website is always kept actual but they do not guarantee its truthfulness and fullness.
6.2 The Trader shall not guarantee that the access to the website shall be permanent, timely, safe, and free of any mistakes as far as it is out of the Trader’s capabilities and control. The Trader shall not be liable for any untimely processing of the orders for programmes in case of any circumstances which are out of their control – cases of unsurmountable forces, random events or problems with the global Internet.
6.3 The copyrights on the content of the website belong to the Trader. For any violations of the copyrights, the liable persons shall bear the liability under the current legislation.
6.4 If any article or part of these General Conditions becomes invalid or void, this shall not affect the other part of the Conditions.

The last change of the General Conditions was made on 13 July 2020, in connection to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).