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Suppression of emotions and the inability to adequately express them leads to serious illness, not only of the nervous system but also of internal organs - the emergence of psychosomatics.
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About 80% of the diseases known to modern medicine are psychosomatic! What is psychosomatic illness?

What kind of people is at risk?

Everyone who experiences negative emotions for a long time, who receives painful lessons in their lives is at risk: men, women, teenagers, and children! Unfortunately, every one of us is at risk!

Nevertheless, there are more vulnerable people. Medical psychologists have identified the C-type personality, which is characterized by the suppression of negative emotions, avoidance of conflicts and stress, the desire to rely solely on oneself with hidden dependence on others.

Do you recognize yourself? In today's society about 40% of these people, and it is this type of personality are most prone to psychosomatic illnesses!

Do you know what the saddest part is? This group, according to studies, is at an increased risk for cancer!

How are psychosomatic illnesses formed?

Watch my video and you will understand how psychosomatic illnesses are formed and how a person's character and behavior change in the process of somatization.

How to treat psychosomatics and why these diseases are not treated with pills?

Psychosomatic illness is a mental trojan, which I told you about in the video, and every person has his or her own, unique one! Every computer trojan masquerades as legitimate software! A mental trojan does the same thing! How does it do that? Very easy!

A mental trojan creates a Pathological Functional System (PFS) in the human body. With its help, it affects one of the functional systems of the human body, e.g. the system which ensures normal sleep. The person's health complaints will come precisely from this system, i.e. the person will stop sleeping normally, but the cause will be PFS.

I.e., what did the psychic Trojan do? He covered his tracks and led the patient and his doctor astray! And left himself in the shadows, covered up with false symptoms!

If the doctor prescribes pills based on a person's direct complaints, it will give only temporary relief and a high toxic load on the body, but the person will not recover! The doctor must treat the patient based on the PFS information, and the medical psychologist determines this information and gives his opinion to the treating doctor. Only then will the doctor treat the cause, not the patient's symptoms, and only then will there be a chance for healing!

In the process of proper medical treatment, a medical psychologist will be involved in "removing" the mental trojan from the patient's head. The combination of proper medical treatment and corrective measures conducted by a clinical psychologist is the only true treatment regimen for psychosomatic illnesses. Ordinary psychotherapy doesn't work here!

That's why the medical psychologist always works in tandem with the attending physician.

Can an ordinary psychologist treat psychosomatics?

No, he can't and has no right! An ordinary psychologist and a medical psychologist are completely different specialists!

A regular psychologist

studying for 4 years

Works with psychological problems that are not accompanied by medical symptoms. Sells personal psychotherapy. Most psychologists on the Internet are psychologists in this category.

Not authorized to counsel in medical psychology.

Clinical (medical) psychologist

studying for 5.5 years

A medical psychologist is a specialist who can assess the influence of stress on the development of medical illnesses and offer specialized help, recommending a specialized doctor. An ordinary psychologist cannot do this and does not have the right!


studying for 8 years
A psychiatrist is a doctor who studies mental disorders. A psychiatrist can counsel the mentally healthy and ill, prescribe medications, and examine patients.
Important advice: If you have been suffering from stress and negative emotions for a long time, if you have a negative streak in your life, if you are taking pills but cannot cure yourself if your doctor cannot give you an exact diagnosis - take care of your health, find a professional clinical psychologist and have an examination! Psychotherapy is good, but it does not cure psychosomatics, and it is important that while working on your psychological problem you do not overlook the development of a serious illness! And as you have realized, an ordinary psychologist is not competent in matters of psychosomatic illnesses. Don't expect him to solve a problem he, by definition, cannot solve!
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I have a university degree in clinical psychology (Master in Clinical Psychology), in addition, I have special retraining and high-precision, expensive diagnostic software, which allows me to counsel patients at all stages of psychosomatic pathology. I have been successfully practicing for more than 9 years! So working with me - you are in good hands!

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