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About male psychosomatics

What men are at risk?

Check if you are at risk of developing a psychosomatic illness. Answer the following questions yes or no.

  • Are your thoughts completely preoccupied with emotional problems that are troubling you?
  • When you find yourself in a stressful situation, are you immediately lost and can't adjust?
  • Do you tend to be pessimistic about life?
  • Do you often worry about nothing?
  • Do you feel incapable of loving and accepting love?
  • Do you always try to control everything?
  • Do you rarely smile or laugh?
  • Do you take life very seriously and set yourself almost impossible goals?
  • Do difficulties drive you to despair?
  • Do you often avoid things that can make your life better?
  • Are you ignoring your body's needs (good food, rest, etc.)?
  • If the situation changes are you unable to change the previously created plan?
  • Are you more likely to be guided by other people's opinions rather than your own?
  • Do you find it difficult to discuss your feelings and emotions with others?
  • Don't you understand what kind of behavior is acceptable to you and society?
  • Do you see no meaning in life and often give in to despair?
  • Are any changes painful and undesirable for you?
  • Don't you believe that stress can lead to physical illness?

Count the number of positive answers. 

If you answered "Yes" to 13-18 questions, then your risk of developing a psychosomatic illness is very high, and you should immediately take a color diagnostic course and proceed to color correction 

If you answered "Yes" to 7-12 questions, then your risk of developing psychosomatic illness is medium. It is recommended to take a course of color diagnosis and depending on the results try to change your attitude towards yourself and life. 

If you answered "YES" to 0-6 questions, then your risk of developing psychosomatic illness is low. 

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