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About female psychosomatics

What women are at risk?

According to ­research, the risk group of women prone to serious psychosomatic illnesses is those who have the following behavioral patterns:

  • Emotions often capture them, without a trace, plunge them into the abyss of problems.
  • Stress can drive them to total exhaustion in a short time because they lack the mechanisms to adapt to it.
  • A pessimistic view of things is inherent in them in all areas of life.
  • The cause of anxiety is often not the facts, but expectations and premonitions of events that may never happen.
  • They are deprived of the ability to love and accept love.
  • They control every detail of their lives personally, trusting no one.
  • Laughter and joy are hardly inherent in this category of women.
  • The tasks and goals they set for themselves are impossible or practically impossible.
  • Any difficulty throws them into melancholy and despondency.
  • Any joy and pleasant events they put themselves under a ban.
  • They ignore the needs of the body, to the point that they hardly ever rest.
  • Having chosen a plan of action, they are unable to adjust to circumstances and change it as they go along.
  • The opinion of others often plays a more important role for them than their position.
  • They often hide their emotions and cannot talk to others about their problems.
  • They often set themselves too rigid and narrow boundaries of behavior, or, conversely, expand them to the point of indecency.
  • They see life as empty and meaningless.
  • The past is more attractive to them than the future.
  • They tend to believe that all their illnesses are the fault of their environment. They see no connection between stress and illness.
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