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Virtual Health Scanner

What is the Virtual Health Scanner?

"Virtual Health Scanner" is an innovative psychological (cognitive psychology) software that performs color testing of personality (character) qualities of a person, identifies destructive qualities of personality, and evaluates their impact on the health of the tested person. With the help of the "Virtual Health Scanner," you can determine the emotional state of the user at the time of testing, which will allow with a high degree of reliability to identify organs and functional body systems at risk, as a consequence of this psycho-emotional state.

"Virtual Health Scanner" on the fact of deciphering the color test creates an individually designed correction module, which you simply view on the monitor screen 2-3 times a day for 10-20 minutes.

During the viewing of personal color correction sessions take place:

  • improving the psycho-emotional state of the user,
  • the effects of stress are relieved,
  • The manifestations of negative traits in a person's character are eliminated.

Due to this, additional resources of self-regulation are activated in the body, and the body starts to treat itself, which manifests itself in a decrease or disappearance of the symptoms of psychosomatic diseases.

How can the program assess negative character traits and identify body organs that are at risk of pathology?

Work on the "Virtual Health Scanner" began back in 1985 at the Krasnoyarsk Medical Institute. Scientists came up with the idea to identify the regularities between the patient's color perception and his diseases. A long scientific work began. More than 15 thousand people participated in the experiment: men, women, teenagers, and children (from the age of 5).  The subjects were divided into groups of 1,000. Each group was examined by clinical psychologists and doctors.

The first stage of the study.

The task of psychologists was to identify disharmonious traits of the subject's character, assess the strength of their manifestation and the degree of their influence on the formation of his or her picture of the world.

They studied such negative emotions, personality qualities, character traits, and their impact on the social adaptation and health of the wearer, as:

desires, ambitions, worries/self-confidence/fear of poverty/fear of criticism/fear of illness;

fear of old age/fear of death/high arrogance/hostility/rage;

anger/preparedness to argue/motivation/interest in other people/indifference;


sensitivity/willingness to analyze/sensitivity/adaptability/realism;

practicality/communicativeness/communicativeness/efficiency/respect for another;


stability/faithfulness/logic/fantasy/social consciousness;


planning/rejection (negativism)/aggressiveness/violence/overestimation (arrogance);

pride/bravery/ determination/ perseverance/ sexuality;

The task of the doctors was to perform a thorough medical examination of each subject, which revealed their health problems.

Thus, scientists have created an initial knowledge base for the participants of the experiment: SEX-AGE-DISHARMONIC CHARACTER-SETTLEMENT DIAGNOSES.

The second stage of the study.

The test subjects were shown color pictures on a special computer machine, then the colors were distorted, and the test subjects restored the gamma of the picture from memory to the original color, as they remembered it. The result of restoring the color to the original is the exact mathematical value. It is these values and added to the database on the participants of the experiment, obtained in the previous stage.

The third stage of the study.

Researchers took data only for participants in the first group (1,000 people). They were interested in the patterns of color recovery by all participants in the group who had a specific verified diagnosis, such as gastritis.

Further, using methods of mathematical statistics, algorithms of biomedical modeling, technologies of processing arrays of statistical data, computer simulation modeling, scientists conducted an analysis and revealed patterns of color recovery for the diagnosis of gastritis, and then for most diseases known to medicine.

The result of this stage was a unique hypothesis: the client's color model - destructive personality traits - medical diagnosis.

The fourth stage of the study.

Now scientists had the task to confirm this hypothesis. In other words, scientists already hypothetically knew parameters of restoration of color depending on qualities of character and diagnoses for the first thousand subjects, but how parameters of other 14000 people will behave? Will they fit into these models? What kind of errors would they have?

The results were striking. The hypothesis was confirmed. It turned out that the parameters of color recovery depending on the qualities of character and diagnoses for the remaining 14,000 people with a certain error, but fell within the control intervals.  Moreover, with each new result of the color test, the models became more and more accurate.

Thus, scientists were able to obtain color standards of healthy and diseased organs, as well as establish relationships between disharmonious human character traits and diseases.

The "Virtual Health Scanner" database contains color standards for diseases of all body organs, as well as the relationship between these diseases and disharmonious traits of human character.

When reconstructing the original color of a video clip, you create personal color standards (the way you reconstructed the color is your standard).  When we decode your diagnostic file, the virtual scanner looks for a reference in its database to which your reference corresponds as much as possible. That is, if your file corresponds, for example, to the etalon "Gastritis", then with a very high degree of probability you have manifestations of this disease, and from the standpoint of cognitive psychology - you are very irritable, flaring upon any occasion, prone to unmotivated aggression and anger.

That's the magic of color testing! All strictly scientific and reasoned!

It should be noted that in the process of work 11 doctoral dissertations were defended, 35 reports and protocols of clinical trials from different medical institutions of the country and 11 positive reviews from different medical institutes were received, 20 scientific publications and reports were made, author's certificates and patents were registered.

How does color testing work?

To take a color test, you need to download the Virtual Health Scanner distribution and install the program on your computer. Along with it, you will receive an instructional video on how to take the color test. Watch it carefully. After watching it, you will be ready to take the test.

During color testing, the Virtual Health Scanner will show you several colorful videos. Each video clip is shown for 15-20 seconds, then its color gamut is distorted and your task is to restore from memory the color gamut to the original. The clips are shown sequentially, i.e. until you have finished restoring one clip, you cannot see and restore the gamma of the next clip.

To restore the clip's gamut, you will have access to the "color panel" tool. Its appearance is given below.

The color panel allows you to add (+) and reduce (-) the palette's primary colors as you feel appropriate to restore the clip's gamut to its original appearance.

The entire test takes 15 to 25 minutes. When it is finished, the program will create your diagnostic file, and all you have to do is send it for decoding.

What can be learned through color testing?

With color testing, you will learn what negative character traits and personality traits prevail in your psyche at the time of testing.

Why is it so important to study the psychological characteristics of personality?

 Scientists from various countries who study the influence of negative character traits, personality, and emotions on human health have come to very interesting conclusions. Thus, the famous English neurophysiologist Charles Sherrington, a Nobel Prize winner, has established the following pattern: the first emotional experience occurs, followed by vegetative and somatic changes in the body. It turns out that the negative emotions you constantly experience directly affect your physical health.

The scanner examines the main types of psycho-emotional indicators of your life activity:

  • action/information;
  • the ability to work under control;
  • the ability to teach;
  • the ability to manage other people;
  • desires, ambitions, worries/self-confidence/fear of poverty/fear of criticism/fear of illness;
  • fear of old age/fear of death/high arrogance/hostility/rage;
  • anger/preparedness to argue/motivation/interest in other people/indifference;
  • apathy/power/actualization/initiative/entrepreneurship;
  • sensitivity/willingness to analyze/sensitivity/adaptability/realism;
  • practicality/communicativeness/communicativeness/efficiency/respect for another;
  • ethics/decency/definiteness/trust/creativity;
  • jealousy/power-seeking/unseemly/vengeful/greedy;
  • stability/faithfulness/logic/fantasy/social consciousness;
  • planning/rejection (negativism)/aggressiveness/violence/overestimation (arrogance);
  • pride/bravery/ determination/ perseverance/ sexuality;
  • intelligence.

The scanner analyzes the influence of negative character traits and personality traits on the organs and functional systems of your body:

The spinal cord. Peripheral nervous system. Hearing organ: the ear. Respiratory organ: nose. Pituitary gland. Thyroid gland. Adrenal glands. Sex organs. Liver. Gall bladder. Pancreas. Heart. Blood and peripheral vessels. Spleen. Lungs and bronchi. The skin. The esophagus. The stomach. Duodenum. Small intestine (small intestine). The large intestine (colon). Kidneys. Bladder. Musculoskeletal system. Diagnostics will show the direction, character, and order of the development of psychosomatic processes in each of these organs.

The scanner will check your brain function.

You will be given an analysis of the key functions of your brain - perception, imagination, associative thinking and memory, image application, dominant function. We will look at the direction, nature, and order of psychosomatic processes in it.

The scanner will check some important indicators of your body's functioning under the influence of negative character traits and personality traits.

  • The morphological state of the body - over time or in the course of an illness the compensatory possibilities of the body weaken and the changes become more and more stable and definite. You will learn what your body can compensate for, what it can no longer cope with, and how to help it in this situation;
  • calendar and biological age - the virtual scanner determines the biological age and compares it with the calendar age. If the former is less than the latter, it means that the aging process is slowed; if vice versa, the aging process is accelerated. Thus, you will know at what speed your body is aging, and you will be able to understand how to slow down this process;
  • psycho-oncological risks - cancer always starts with psychosomatic abnormalities. A virtual scanner analyzes the organs for the growth rate of young cells. At the consultation we will determine which changes - hereditary or acquired - underlie this process and give recommendations for its monitoring to prevent deterioration;
  • Heiflick limit is an additional indicator of biological aging processes, which allows you to know how they occur specifically in your body;
  • Signs of processes that support the development of cells that create defective proteins, an additional marker by which to judge the development of psycho-oncological processes. Allows you to know if they are running in your body;
  • signs of increased tissue blood flow - an indicator of inflammation in your body;
  • Signs of changes in tissue innervation are an indicator of nerve supply to the organs and tissues of your body.
What is the accuracy of color testing?

The accuracy of color testing with the Virtual Health Scanner is about 95-97%! This high rate is due to the testing algorithm, which is based on the use of color standards.

When you restore the original color of a video, you create a personal color reference (the way you have restored the color is your reference).  When we decode your diagnostic file, the virtual scanner looks for a reference in its database to which your reference corresponds as much as possible. That is, if your file corresponds, for example, to the etalon "Gastritis", then with a very high degree of probability you have manifestations of this disease, and from the standpoint of cognitive psychology - you are very irritable, flaring upon any occasion, prone to unmotivated aggression and anger.

In other words, the process of comparing a diagnostic file to a reference is like trying on a piece of clothing. If it fits, it's yours; if it's too big or too small, it's not. In the same way, comparing your file to the reference is done.

This approach to psychosomatic diagnostics is the most accurate and in-depth, as it is based on the basics of a particular patient's life activity. It eliminates the inaccuracies of instruments and interpretations that are inevitable when using traditional technologies.

What is color correction, the rules of its passage, the results?

Color correction is the viewing of specially selected colors on the patient's computer using the correction module of the Virtual Health Scanner.  Example of a color correction session. 

The rules for taking a course of correction.

  • A course of correction consists of sessions.
  • The duration of the session is calculated individually and usually ranges from 15 to 30 minutes.
  • The session is "taken" 1-3 times a day. To do this, you must choose a convenient time, during which no one will disturb you.
  • The screen should not be located in front of a light source (window, lamp), which creates glare and hinders the perception of the transmitted image.
  • Make yourself comfortable in front of the screen. You should not be more than 2 meters away from the screen. Your posture and body position is not important.
  • Start the correction session. To do this, turn on the program, select your course in the left column and click on the green "Start treatment" button.
  • An image will appear on the screen as a pulsating color - this is the information being transmitted.
  • You need to look at the screen - that's the essence of correction.
  • When the session time expires, the feeding process will automatically stop and the program window will reappear on the screen, and then you will have to exit the program.
  • The correction session is over.


  • It is desirable to take the entire course without a break of more than 3 days and with at least 5 sessions before the break;
  • background tranquil music, meditative and suggestive audio courses with similar themes can be played during sessions;
  • stretching, light movements, and drinking water during the session are allowed.
  • It is strictly forbidden to watch color correction courses created for other people.
Results of personal color correction

During the viewing of personal color correction sessions take place:

  • Improving the psycho-emotional state of the user,
  • the effects of stress are relieved,
  • The manifestations of negative traits in a person's character are eliminated.

Due to this, additional resources of self-regulation are activated in the organism, and the organism begins to heal itself, which is manifested by a reduction or disappearance of symptoms of psychosomatic diseases, as well as many general effects:

  • The person's character improves, the person becomes calmer, more balanced, and benevolent;
  • The work capacity, sexual attractiveness, reproductive performance, and sleep are normalized;
  • 4-6 months after the beginning of the correction, all patients noted an increase in intelligence, a noticeable improvement in memory, and increased intuition;

The processes of biological aging are slowed down, which is expressed by an increase:

  • the number of lymphocytes and erythrocytes in the blood,
  • oxygen consumption by the body,
  • the supply of oxygen to the heart,
  • salivary amylase activity,
  • gastric juice secretion,
  • the content of enzymes in pancreatic juice,
  • absorption of fatty acids in the intestine,
  • motor function of the large intestine,
  • the liver's ability to resist harmful substances,
  • blood thyroxine content,
  • content of beta cells of the pancreas,
  • sex hormones and frequency of sexual intercourse in men,
  • estrogen secretion and frequency of sexual intercourse in women,
  • speed of healing wounds and burns.
What are the scientific theories behind color correction?

There are several such theories, and we will briefly discuss each of them below.

Psychophysiological.  It is connected with the Jung-Helmholtz three-component theory of color perception, according to which sensation of different colors and shades, their psychophysiological influence on a person is determined by the degree of irritation of each of three types of cones (sensitive to red, blue, or green colors), which leads to the appearance of a nerve impulse. When stimulated by red color there is an increase in norepinephrine, when stimulated by blue color there is an increase in serotonin.

Quantum. It is based on the corpuscular nature of light. Light has wave and corpuscular properties, so each photon has a certain amount of energy depending on the frequency of the corresponding vibrations, i.e. on the emitted light. Blue photons have more energy than red photons.

Associative color perception. Certain color definitions or color associations can influence a person's psycho-emotional state. Red color has a stimulating, excitatory effect, green has a calming effect.

Competition of visual fields. Explains the effectiveness of color correction by the normalization of biorhythms of the visual analyzer, desynchronization of which often occurs in eye diseases, neurosis, diseases of internal organs, and the nervous system.

Biorhythmotherapeutic. It connects the efficiency of color correction with the normalization of biorhythms of the whole organism. There are daily biorhythms - a cycle of sleep and wakefulness and ultradian - a cycle of sleep phases. The main reasons for desynchronization of biorhythms: psycho-emotional stress, flights to another time zone, night work. Light is decisive for biorhythm synchronization.

Effects on the visual organ. Color correction has a direct impact on the structure of the eyeball and the muscular apparatus of the eye. This is especially relevant in the treatment and prevention of accommodation spasms and myopia.

Bioresonance. It is based on the wave nature of light. The therapeutic effect of light on the human body is due to the influence of bioresonance-like mechanisms associated with the biological features of the ranges of electromagnetic vibrations affecting through the visual sensory channel. Transformation of light energy with different frequencies occurs on cell membranes, which determines physiological processes. By imposing rhythms close to genetically optimal frequencies through the visual sensory channel it is possible to displace pathological spectra from the general wave structure of the brain, thereby causing normalization of the condition. The wave structure of the central nervous system is tuned to those spectral features of the imposed rhythm that are optimal for a particular organism. Correctly selected color and rhythm lead to normalization and optimization of the EEG spectra.

Unlike other methods of color correction, the Virtual Health Scanner helps to create a personal color correction program, taking into account individual characteristics of a particular person: gender, age, weight, height, psycho-emotional state, emotional background, and destructive qualities of personality. The advantage of the existing technology is the possibility of carrying out correction courses at home at a convenient time if one has an ordinary personal computer at home. The method is easy to master (from 5 years old and up) and has no side effects since the program is strictly individual.

Color correction is a highly effective, economical, affordable, and safe method of correction of psychosomatic conditions, compatible with other treatment methods.

How safe is color correction?

Watching a personal color correction session is as safe as watching TV or working on a computer! Considering that the session lasts only 15-30 minutes and you watch it 1-3 times a day, compared to the amount of time an average person spends in front of the TV (computer or tablet) per day - the question of safety should not even be discussed.

When is color correction effective?
Color correction is effective in the case of psychosomatic illnesses. Psychosomatic disorders are painful conditions that arise because physical illnesses and psychological problems interact and aggravate each other. Today about 80% of the diseases known to medicine are psychosomatic.
In what sequence should color correction courses be watched for maximum effect?



STEP 1: Correction of the pathological functional system.

PPS is the cause of all abnormalities in the work of the body, reducing the efficiency of its life activity on every level. Color correction always starts with the correction of PFS. Only after PFS is cured, it is possible to hope for improvement of the patient's psychosomatic state. The course of color correction "Pathological Functional System" solves this problem.

STEP 2: Correction of depressive syndrome, the effects of resentments, and other destructive psycho-emotional influences.  These destructive influences operate from the subconscious mind, a sphere beyond the control of consciousness, and are an anchor for any psychosomatic abnormalities. Therefore it is desirable to reduce the power of "psychological viruses" before starting serious treatment. This task is solved by such courses of color correction as:

  • Life without depression
  • How to survive a divorce
  • How to survive the death of a loved one
  • How to survive an affair
  • Psychosomatics of male chronic fatigue
  • Psychosomatics of panic attacks

STEP 3: Correction of the physiological functional system (PhFS).

 After the importance of PFS and destructive psycho-emotional influences in distortion of the organism's homeostasis is reduced, it is possible to start correction of PHFS. PHFS is the weakest system in the organism, through which the influence of PFS manifests itself on the physical level in the form of pain or discomfort in the body, sleep disorders, increased nervous excitability, etc. The task of PHFS correction is solved by color correction courses from the section "Functional Systems Color Correction Courses".

STEP 4: Correction of organs requiring long-term therapy.

 These are organs with pathological changes, insufficient involvement of compensatory functions, or insufficient vital resources. They require a long and complex restorative color correction on the background of taking personally selected dietary supplements, physiotherapeutic procedures, and in especially complicated cases, pharmacological drugs. The courses from the section "Courses of color correction of organs" solve the problem of correction of organs that require a long recovery.

STEP 5. Color correction courses to maintain a healthy balance in the body.

They are prescribed after the patient completes steps 1-4 of a comprehensive program of psychosomatic correction. It is after the correction of individual psychosomatic abnormalities that you need to engage in regular support of your psychosomatic health to enjoy a good quality of life throughout its duration:

  • to slow down the processes of biological aging, to maximize the peak of your prime, to remain active in adulthood. The solution: the color correction course "Perfect Health at Any Age";
  • to normalize eating behavior and achieve stable weight loss without the possibility of gaining it again. Solution: Slim Body Color Correction Course;
  • normalize sleep and achieve a natural process of falling asleep without taking sleeping pills. The solution: a course of color correction "Healthy sleep without effort and sleeping pills";
  • normalize blood pressure levels, reduce the medication load, and thus reduce the side effects of chemical medications. The solution: a course of color correction "Life without hypertension;

Most clients regularly watch the color correction course "Perfect Health at Any Age", which allows them to always be protected from the influence of adverse psychological and physical factors. I watch the same course regularly!

What guarantee is there that color correction will help me?

Despite the existence of a large number of recoveries, the removal of many diagnoses, and positive results for a whole range of diseases, color correction, like any other restorative technique, cannot guarantee a hundred percent cure, but it always reduces the acuteness of the symptoms of psychosomatic illness, which eases the condition of the person as a whole. Sometimes the client gets good results from the first viewing of the personal color correction file, and sometimes it takes months. It depends on the diagnosis, the neglect of the disease, and the comorbidities. The ability of your body to regenerate, recover, its sensitivity to light exposure, and of course your disposition to heal, all play a large role.

How long does it take to watch color correction?
For example, I watch Pathological Functional System correction courses regularly! Why? Because stress is present every day! And it's better to prevent somatic problems regularly, rather than run them until real illnesses occur. This is the algorithm I recommend to all my clients, because we live in a time of constant stress and, unfortunately, there is no way to maintain emotional balance and peace of mind continuously! And playing the "ALL IS GOOD" game when all is not GOOD IN REAL is very dangerous to your health! You shouldn't follow silly social advice like, "Smile in ANY situation, even if it's really bad, and you want to cry!".
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