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«Virtual Health Scanner»

Web-based service for diagnosis and correction of psychosomatic diseases.
Attention to potential investors!
Presentation of the investment project.
1. Vision and value offerings

About 80% of the diseases known to modern medicine are psychosomatic! Psychosomatic illness is a disease caused by experiencing long-term stress and negative emotions.

With access to the internet, a smartphone, tablet, or computer, anyone can get accurate information about their psycho-emotional status and get a personalized solution to reduce their stress levels.

The accuracy of color testing with the "Virtual Health Scanner" is about 97%. This high rate is due to the testing algorithm, which is based on the use of color etalons.

The competitive advantage of the Virtual Health Scanner (secret sauce)

When reconstructing the original color of a video clip, the client creates personal color etalons (the way he restored the color is his etalon). When a diagnostic file is decoded, the virtual scanner searches for the etalon in its database to which the client's etalon corresponds as much as possible. If the file corresponds, for instance, to the etalon "Gastritis", then with a very high degree of probability the client has manifestations of this disease, and from the standpoint of cognitive psychology - the client is very irritable. This approach to psychosomatic diagnosis is the most accurate and profound since it proceeds from the basis of the life activity of the particular patient. It eliminates the inaccuracies of instruments and interpretations that are inevitable with traditional technologies.

Virtual Health Scanner has highly effective systems and algorithms to address clients' psychological "pains" and can meet the needs of clients from different socio-demographic groups.

A person without stress is NORMAL! Let's together make life harmonious for everyone!
2. Social Problem
Mental health is currently one of the most serious problems facing all countries, as at least one in four people experience such problems at some point in their life.

The prevalence of mental health disorders in the European region is very high. According to WHO (2006), of the 870 million people living in the European Region:

  • about 100 million experience anxiety and depression;
  • over 21 million suffer from alcohol use disorders;
  • over 7 million have Alzheimer's and other types of dementia;
  • about 4 million with schizophrenia;
  • 4 million with bipolar affective disorder
  • 4 million for panic disorder.

Mental disorders are the second (after cardiovascular diseases) most important group of diseases. In many countries, 35-45% of absenteeism is due to mental health problems.

One of the most tragic consequences of mental disorders is suicide. Nine of the ten countries with the highest rates of suicide are in the European region. According to the latest data, about 150 thousand people die voluntarily each year, 80% of them are men.

Suicide is the leading and hidden cause of death among young people, it takes second place in the age group of 15-35 years old (after traffic accidents).

Watch my video and you will understand how psychosomatic illnesses are formed and how a person's character and behavior change in the process of somatization.

How to treat psychosomatics and why these diseases are not treated with pills?

Psychosomatic illness is a mental trojan, which I told you about in the video, and every person has his or her own, unique one! Every computer trojan masquerades as legitimate software! A mental trojan does the same thing! How does it do that? Very easy!

A mental trojan creates a Pathological Functional System (PFS) in the human body. With its help, it affects one of the functional systems of the human body, e.g. the system which ensures normal sleep. The person's health complaints will come precisely from this system, i.e. the person will stop sleeping normally, but the cause will be PFS.

I.e., what did the psychic Trojan do? He covered his tracks and led the patient and his doctor astray! And left himself in the shadows, covered up with false symptoms!

3. Target market and project opportunities
The project is focused on the global market.

Project market parameters:

  • PAM (Potential Available Market) is $18.4 trillion;
  • TAM (Total Addressable Market) is $238 billions;
  • SAM (Serviceable Available Market) is $199 billions;
  • SOM (Serviceable & Obtainable Market) $20 billions;
  • The project's market dynamics is 32.5% / year;
  • The number of potential audience is 26 millions people;

The project is focused on the e-commerce market in the segment of services and software for diagnosing psychophysiological diseases.  As part of the market analysis, we focus on the market of services for mediation of people's psycho-emotional states, in particular MentalTech.

$238 billion was spent on treatment for depressive disorders in 2020

  • The average cost of psychotherapy ranges from $60 to $120 per session;
  • Most Americans pay $20 to $250 per hour for psychological counseling, depending on the number of sessions, or health insurance limits (with health insurance, rates average $20 to $50 per hour);
  • Sliding scale therapists are therapists, psychologists, and social workers who adjust their hourly rates to make therapy more affordable for the client. Cost: $30-$80 per session;

The project addresses the following target audiences:

  • Clients of psychologists who are at risk for physical illness on the back of psychological disorders;
  • Psychologists who are searching for additional tools to improve their competitiveness in the market;
  • HR professionals of small and medium-sized companies that are looking for effective recruitment solutions;
  • HR professionals of large companies, who are constantly searching for effective solutions to diagnose the psycho-emotional state of personnel;
  • Men of 25-30 years old, middle-income, who monitor their health, hold administrative positions with a high intellectual load and are looking for solutions to better understand their own psychological and emotional states to improve work efficiency and optimize work and rest regimes;
  • Parents of teenagers of average family size, who care about their children in the age range of 14-17 years old and want a better understanding of them for a better form of communication and leveling gap;
  • Women aged 26-42 who are married and trying to avoid conflict situations in family relationships, and are looking for new ways to better understand the impact of psychosomatic manifestations of disease at the physiological level;
  • Heads of sales and commercial directors of small and medium-sized enterprises, whose main activity is the production and sale of bioactive supplements (dietary supplements) and who are looking to increase the number of the most effective sales channels to improve profitability levels.
4. Solving a social problem
How do I know my stress level?
The Virtual Health Scanner is a unique psychological software that allows you to assess your stress level and its impact on your health. The diagnostic process is accessible even to a 5-year-old child! All that is needed from the test taker is to restore the color scheme of the 15-second video clip to its original color. Testing takes no more than 15 minutes, during which time a person recovers the color 3-7 video clips.
Testing accuracy is about 97%!
How to reduce stress levels safely and effectively?
To reduce your stress level, you need to run a personal color correction program on your computer, phone, or browser and watch a personal color correction session. Twenty minutes a day of color correction viewing is enough to reduce stress levels without taking sedative pills or antidepressants.

While viewing personal color correction sessions occurs:

  • Reduction of stress levels, increase in a state of peace and awareness;
  • Improvement of the user's psycho-emotional state;
  • Physiological effects of stress are removed;
  • Negative traits such as irritability, aggressiveness, apathy, etc. are removed.
This is how you can relieve stress without pills and their side effects! Effective, safe, and physiological!
5. What is the progress of the project now

The project is implemented as a β-version and needs final programming. Currently, the server software "Virtual Health Scanner" has been developed, which consists of two color tests: the test "Colors of My Life" and the test "Virtual Health Scanner". These tests allow making complex diagnostics of the psychophysiological state of human beings on the presence of threat of diseases of internal organs or systems, caused by negative psycho-emotional background, through the Internet without leaving home.

This is what a customer's office of the service looks like now.

6. Income model (business model)
The business model of the project is presented in the form of Canvas.

Element of the business model

Decoding of the elements included in the model

Key partners

  • International Family Therapy Association (IFTA);
  • EBTA – European Brief Therapy Association;
  • European Association for Psychotherapy;
  • American Psychological Association;
  • International Association Emotionally Focused Therapy (IAEFT);
  • Society of Family Counselors and Psychotherapists;
  • International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS)

Key resources

  • A comprehensive product that allows you to perform color diagnostics without automatically generating transcripts of the results;
  • NMA - patent for software code;
  • Experienced project manager/initiator.

Customer segments

  • Clients of psychologists;
  • Psychologists;
  • HR specialists;
  • Men 25-30 years old, middle-income, who take care of their health;
  • Parents of teenagers;
  • Women 26-42 years old who are married and trying to avoid conflict situations in family relationships;
  • Heads of sales and commercial directors of small and medium-sized enterprises, whose main activity is the production and sale of bioactive additives (dietary supplements).

Value Proposition

Maximum detailed deciphering of the client's internal state with a prediction of the influence of psycho-emotional factors on the physiological/functional state of specific organs or systems.

Interaction with customers

The client receives a detailed and scientifically substantiated description of his psycho-emotional background, which he can use in all aspects of his activity and which will also help him to react in time to the emergence of serious illnesses.

Channels of involvement

  • Direct (contextual advertising);
  • Targeting;
  • SMM;
  • Affiliate resources, communities, platforms.

Key Actions

  • Software revision, LLC registration, opening a bank account;
  • Integration with GTranslate website translation service;
  • Launching the service tests and involving the first traffic of trainers and clients;
  • Marketing support and testing of effective channels;
  • Optimization of channels for customers involvement;
  • Scaling-up in the EU market;
  • Exit to break-even point;
  • Scaling-up in the Asian market.

Cost structure

  • Wages;
  • Advertising and marketing;
  • Piecework pay;
  • Selling expenses;
  • Capital expenditures
  • Acquiring expenses;
  • Tax payments.

Income structure

  • Revenue per transcript (psychologists and HR);
    $75/1 transcripts
  • Revenue per transcript (individuals);
    $30/1 transcript
  • Revenue per transcript (parents);
    $30/1 transcript
  • Revenue from the commission on sales of dietary supplements.
    5% of sales.
7. Marketing and sales strategy

When bringing the service to the market, the following channels will be used to attract customers:

  • Direct (contextual advertising);
  • Targeting;
  • Social media (SMM);
  • Partner resources, platforms, communities;
  • Book on color diagnostic features (production costs will be $12,000 (one-time costs to create and publish on electronic resources).

Channel costs are shown in the figure and table below:

Amount of costs for channels

Channel name

Cost $


Direct (contextual advertising)

$6 000



$3 000



$4 000


Partner resources, platforms, communities

$9 000


Marketing costs by months of project execution
8. Finance (Revenues by project)
Revenues by the project (year, $)

Name of article / Period (year)

1 year

2 year

3 year

4 year

5 year


Revenue from decoding (psychologists and HR), $

$26 400

$63 360

$158 400

$316 800

$792 000

$1 356 960

Number of clients, persons



2 112

4 224

10 560

18 093

Average bill for services, $/month







Revenue from decoding (individuals), $

$59 400

$364 320

$1 053 360

$2 518 560

$5 963 760

$9 959 400

Number of clients, persons

1 980

12 144

35 112

83 952

198 792

331 980

Average bill for services, $/month







Revenue from decoding (parents), $

$11 880

$72 864

$210 672

$503 712

$1 192 752

$1 991 880

Number of clients, persons


2 429

7 022

16 790

39 758

66 396

Average bill for services, $/month







Revenue from the commission from the sale of dietary supplements, $

$1 980

$12 144

$35 112

$83 952

$198 792

$331 980

Average bill for dietary supplements, $







Fee amount, %







Number of clients, persons







Total income, $:

$99 660

$512 688

$1 457 544

$3 423 024

$8 147 304

$13 640 220

9. Investments and use of funds
To implement the project it is necessary to provide financing of $300,000. Financing is planned through the sale of a 10% stake in the project to a venture capital fund.

Funding will allow:

  • Finalize software for qualitative analysis of psychophysiological disorders;
  • Implement integration with the GTranslate (GT) website translation service;
  • To implement a marketing campaign, supported by a marketing agency, which will allow to successfully enter and consolidate on the European market;
  • Test launches of the upgraded software and recruitment of the client base;
  • Build communication with partner platforms and resources;
  • Reach out to medium- and large-sized nutritional supplement companies;
  • Scale up to the Asian market and gain a foothold there.

Financial performance indicators reflect the feasibility of investment for the Investor. For a clearer understanding of the Investor's benefits, the indicators are calculated according to capitalization method and dividend method. The dividend approach is more profitable on a medium-term planning horizon (5 years).

The total amount of the Investor's income will be $842,159
Efficiency indicators for the Investor



Capitalization method (by NPV)

Share of the Investor at the Seed stage, %


The value of the Investor's share at the Seed stage, $

$300 000

Investor's share before round A, %


The value of the Investor's share before round A , $

$490 438

Investor's profit, $

$190 438

ROI, %


Dividend method

Investor's share, %


Investor's income $

$842 159

Investor's profit, $

$542 159

ROI (Return on Investment for the Investor)


10. Economic indicators of the project
As part of the preparation of the business plan was formed the financial model of the project, with a planning horizon of 5 years. With the accepted discount rate of 8%, we obtained the indicators of economic efficiency - the table below:



Revenue, $

$13 640 220

Gross profit, $

$10 255 343

Tax charges, $

$2 105 398

Net profit, $

$8 149 945

NPV (Net Present Value), $

$4 904 383

PI (Profitability Index), %


IRR (Internal Rate of Return), %


IRR (Internal Rate of Return), %/year


PP (Payback period), months


DPP (Discounted Payback Period), months


Return on investment, months


Economic performance indicators show the feasibility of the project in terms of implementation, due to the high profitability. Thus, the financial analysis confirms the potential of the project and the possibility of successful market entry.

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