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You have an instagram, a website, a blog or a newsletter (from 200 subscribers!)
You communicate with parents (teacher, educator, child psychologist)
You are a personal growth coach or coach
You have an office and want to open a center for medical-psychological testing in your city
you are a psychologist, you work with clients, and you understand the importance of psychosomatic correction, but this is not your line of work
You represent a medical organization and you need a professional medical psychologist for your clients
You are a fitness trainer and understand that success in losing weight and gaining muscle mass is all about working with the psyche, not just diet and training
You are a successful professional in one of the following areas of marketing and advertising:
You are a successful professional in one of the following areas of marketing and advertising:
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  • Creative Writing.

You need the help of a medical psychologist (very favorable financial conditions!) and you are ready to help my project to develop successfully? We can discuss options for collaboration.

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