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Affiliate Program
Todor Milykh (clinical psychology, psychosomatics)

Recommend my consultations and earn 15% - 20% from each sale!

Let's get to know each other, shall we? Watch these videos to make our affiliate program communication as effective as possible!
What is an affiliate program?
This is an opportunity to make money on the sale of any information products, which connected a special service to account for affiliate transitions and charging a commission to partners.
What needs to be done? Promote my consultations!
  • Fill out the registration form by clicking the "Registration" button.
  • Get special training to know the specifics of the services you will be selling (PAY!)
  • Tell your friends or colleagues about my consultations and services in conversation with them, on your social media pages, or by sending out a mailing list to your subscriber base.
  • Payment of affiliate commission of 15% - 20% from each purchase of your referrals.
Who is suitable for participation in the affiliate program?

Participation in the affiliate program is suitable mainly for those partners who have access to a client audience in the following niches:

  • you have an instagram, a website, a blog or a newsletter (from 200 subscribers!);
  • you communicate with parents (teacher, educator, child psychologist);
    you are a psychologist, you work with clients, and you understand the importance of psychosomatic correction, but this is not your profile of work;
  • you are a personal growth coach or coach;
  • you have an office and want to open a center for medical-psychological testing in your city;
  • you represent a medical organization and you need a professional medical psychologist for your clients;
  • you are a fitness trainer and understand that success in losing weight and gaining muscle mass is all about working with the psyche, not just diet and training.
Let's start communicating! perhaps it will end in a mutually beneficial cooperation!

A complete list of my services, selling which you can earn money:

How do I get a reward?

By transfer to a bank account. The minimum withdrawal amount of 100 BGN (4500 rubles). Payment once a month or on request. Bank commission on account of the transfer. It is possible to withdraw to a bank card (it is necessary to discuss and agree on details).
  1. It is forbidden to place affiliate links and advertising materials on the following sites, groups in social networks, messengers, and other resources:
    • containing pornographic content;
    • software hacking materials, or software hacking services;
    • Copyright infringing resources;
    • Resources that incite national discord, discord based on political, religious or other views, as well as propaganda of violence;
    • specially created to place a large number of links on them to make money on the Internet.
  2. Illegal mailing, spamming, or spamming by e-mail, by purchased bases is forbidden.
  3. You can't have several accounts (multi-accounts) in the partner cabinet for one and the same partner without prior agreement with the administration.
  4. It is forbidden to attract customers by fraudulent means, using unreliable information or irrelevant data on bonuses, promotions.
  5. It is forbidden to advertise (targeting, context, etc.) to subscribers of our groups in social networks and other our resources.

In case of violation of these prohibitions, payment of affiliate remuneration will not be made.

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