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Bigorexia is an addiction. Bigorectics is fixated on his appearance, he trains intensively in the gym and follows a strict diet, abuses steroids and dietary supplements

Bigorexia resembles anorexia in its mechanism - both diseases begin in the head and end with the destruction of the body. For the Bigorectics, the training hall has become a second home. All this to achieve the perfect body sculpting.

And although they spend many hours of super-strength training, they are still unhappy with their muscles. And this is no longer a fascination with a beautiful figure. This is an addiction that doctors call bigorexia. Bigorexia, or rejection of one's appearance! 

Bigorexia - muscle obsession

Bigorectics wants to achieve the ideal of a figure that doesn't exist. He stands in front of a mirror for hours, examines every part of his body, and still sees a skinny guy who lacks adequate muscle mass or an irregular shape.

The same is with the anorexic woman - looking in the mirror, she is also unhappy, because she still thinks that she is too fat, although she has long resembled a skeleton. Undoubtedly, the widespread cult of the body and fashion contributes to the development of bigorexia. The main cause of the disease is the increasing dissatisfaction with their appearance.

Anabolic steroid abuse

Anabolic steroids have been developed as drugs designed to support and recover from severe injuries. They are synthetic derivatives of testosterone, a male hormone that stimulates protein absorption and thus stimulates bone and muscle growth.

Steroids accelerate the growth of muscle mass, but at the same time block the production of natural testosterone.

Bigorexia is a serious mental disorder that requires specialist treatment. The goal of psychotherapy is to change the way you think about your appearance and set more realistic goals for yourself.

It is difficult to get out of this vicious circle because regular use of steroids is quickly addictive. The use of so-called supplements (steroids or hormones), without consulting a doctor, provokes the development of many diseases, including liver and lung cancer.

The consequence is an enlarged prostate or gynecomastia (overgrowth of tissue around the nipples) and a deterioration in sperm quality. Undesirable symptoms appear after a few months of taking doping drugs. Some cause permanent damage to the kidneys and liver.

Among those who use steroids, heart attacks and strokes are frequent, since these drugs increase atherosclerotic changes.

What to do?

  • replace steroids with DNA training and nutrition program,
  • pass the TAS test and assess the level of psychosomatic damage,
  • depending on its results, sign up for a consultation with a medical psychologist.

DNA training and nutrition program

We analyze your DNA to determine the best diet and exercise regimen for you!

Genetic factors determine 70% of future athletic success, both in professional sports and in bodybuilding!

Determining your body's response to exercise and nutrition is fundamental to achieving desired and long-term bodybuilding results. 

Our team of geneticists, nutritionists, scientists, physicians, and athletes has extensive experience in creating customized exercise and nutrition plans based on personalized DNA tests.

Standard training programs are created according to one formula: aerobic activity for cardiovascular health and weight loss, combined with strength training to increase muscle mass.

Based on scientific discoveries in recent years, it has become known that for optimal training results, the ratio of strength and endurance training is different for everyone, even if the goal is the same.

That is why genetic tests are of key importance, as they are a tool used in the preparation of a training program, taking into account the individual characteristics of a person.

What is genetic testing for sports and fitness?
  • You will no longer have doubts about which type of training is right for you.
  • You will be able to choose the workout that works best for you, based on the results of the genetic test.
  • You no longer need to think about what and how much to eat.
  • You will not waste money on useless supplements.
  • You will receive nutrients only from those supplements that are right for you.
  • Improve your training results and body physics with a genetic test.
What is genetics?
Genetics is the science of heredity, that is, the transmission of some traits inherent in parents to children through genetic material. Without going into details, we can say that genes are the recipe by which the cells in your body function.
What does your DNA say about you?
The composition of muscle fibers
Analyzed / investigated genes: BDKRB2, UCP2, UCP3, AMPD1, IL6, VDR, HIF1A, IL15RA, ACTN3, ACE, PGC1A, AGTR2, VEGFR2, AGT, TSHR

Train with according to the type of muscle fibers in your body!

Your muscles are made up of two different types of muscle fibers. Type 2B fibers are suitable for "explosive" activity in a very short amount of time, such as lifting weights. Type 2A fibers are designed for short to moderate physical activity, moderate to high-intensity activities typical of the most demanding types of training. Genetic DNA analysis, which is responsible for the composition of muscle fibers, determines the type of fiber that is prevalent in your body. Knowing this, you will be able to realize your muscle potential inherent in your genes, properly adjusting your workouts.

Recovery and training frequency
Analyzed / investigated genes: ACE, TNF ALPHA, IL6, CRP, IGF2, IGF2A5, GSTP1, ACTN3

Are we exercising too much or not enough? Find out if you have a genetic predisposition for faster recovery and determine your training frequency.

Volume and intensity of training
Analyzed / investigated genes: ACTN3, IL15RA, IL6, HIF1, AGT, TSHR, BDKRB2, AGTR2, UCP2, UCP3, VEGFR2, VDR, AMPD1, PGC1A, ACE
Many sets of moderate weight, or few sets of heavyweight? What is best for you: high-volume training or high-intensity training? Your DNA test will give you the exact answer with which you can achieve maximum effect.
Uniform cardio and HIIT cardio
Analyzed / investigated genes: BDKRB2, UCP2, UCP3, AMPD1, IL6, VDR, HIF1A, IL15RA, ACTN3, ACE, PGC1A, AGTR2, VEGFR2, AGT, TSHR
What type of cardio is best for you? Some genotypes (a set of genes for a given individual) respond better to HIIT cardio, while others respond to uniform cardio. Find out what type of cardio you are predisposed to.
Vasodilation and blood flow
Analyzed / investigated genes: ACE, AGT
Do you have a genetic predisposition for good vasodilation? Vasodilation is a physiological mechanism for the expansion of blood vessels by relaxing the associated smooth muscles. Due to vasodilation, large volumes of blood pass through the dilated vessels, thereby delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the cells. More oxygen and nutrients directly increase the muscle's ability to work longer and harder.
Analyzed / investigated genes: HIF1A
Should you exercise with hypoxia? People with low levels of HIF-1a protein have a metabolic shift from glycolysis to oxidation, resulting in improved cardio endurance with decreased physical strength. In turn, individuals with a rare allele of the T-polymorphism in the HIF1A gene, associated with increased stability of the HIF-1a protein, have increased physical endurance, expressed in easy handling of large weights.
Lactate threshold
Analyzed / investigated genes: PPARD, PGC1A
Is your lactate threshold lowering your performance and muscle gain? If your goal is to build muscle mass, a low lactate threshold is an undeniable advantage, as recent research shows that lactic acid is the strongest anabolic. The more lactic acid accumulates, the stronger the anabolic response will be.
The production of testosterone as a result of training
Analyzed / investigated genes: ACTN3
In men, high testosterone levels lead to increased fat loss and muscle gain. Your DNA test will determine how much the sport affects your testosterone levels.
Metabolism of fatty acids
Analyzed / investigated genes: LEPR, PPARA, ADIPOQ, APOA5_1, APOA5_2, APOA2
More or less saturated fat? More or less polyunsaturated fat? More or less monounsaturated fat? Let our test determine which approach is best for you! Saturated fat has many beneficial properties: it has beneficial effects on hormones (especially testosterone in men and estrogen in women). Therefore, the right strategy here is to customize the amount of saturated fat you need. Do a DNA test to determine what your rate is.
Metabolism of carbohydrates
Analyzed / investigated genes: MTNR1B, G6PC2, GSK, ADRA2A, DGK TMEM, TLF7L2, SLC30A8, CRY2, GCKR, GLIS3, ADCY5, PROX1, FADS1, MADD, PGC1A
If you are limiting carbohydrates, you need to compensate for them with protein as "fuel" for the cells, which will lead to a set of muscle mass. Take a DNA test to see how much carbs you need!
Sensitivity to salt
Analyzed / investigated genes: ACE
Should I limit my salt intake? In addition to the health aspect (in this case, the risk of hypertension), this test allows you to determine the tendency of your body to accumulate water and imbalance in sodium and potassium.
Omega 3/6
Analyzed / investigated genes: APAO5, FADS1
What is the Omega 3/6 Daily Value? Research confirms the potential beneficial effects of acids when conditions such as inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, cancer, or autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Our body cannot synthesize omega-3 fats, so we need to get them through supplements or nutrients.
Folate metabolism
Analyzed / investigated genes: MTRR, MTHFR, MTHFR_1, MTHFR_2, MTR
What is your daily intake of vitamins B6, B9, and B12? Folate is essential for maintaining cellular processes in your body. A lack of folate can have detrimental effects on your health and key developmental processes.
Preventing injury
Analyzed / investigated genes: COL1A1
Do you need supplements to prevent injury? A DNA test that measures the level of type 1 collagen in your body is key in determining your tram level and the need for supplementation.
Risk of lactose intolerance
Analyzed / investigated genes: MCM6
Some people have a reduced ability to digest and absorb dairy products. To avoid these problems, trust a DNA lactose intolerance test.
Optimization of testosterone
Analyzed / investigated genes: HSD11B1, SHBG, CYP19, ACTN3
Let's Maximize Testosterone Production! (Only for men)! In men, high testosterone levels lead to increased fat loss and muscle gain. It is one of the most important hormones in the human body, affecting the processes of weight loss and muscle gain.
Analyzed / investigated genes: IL6, TNF_ALPHA, CRP, GSTP1
The test will help determine if you need to increase your antioxidant or supplement intake. There are two types of inflammation - acute and chronic. Treating chronic inflammation requires supplemental antioxidant supplementation.
Vitamin profile
Analyzed / investigated genes: CYP2R1_2, NBPF3, CYP26B1, BCM01_1, BCM01_2, INTERGENIC, SLC23A1, SLC23A2, FUT2, GC, CYO2R1_1
Which vitamins should be optimized? Vitamins are substances necessary for the full development of the body. The test will provide you with information about the supply of your body with vitamins B6, A, C, D, E, and B12 and determine the need for additional intake.
Buy a DNA Fitness test and find the solution to bigorexia problems!
DNA Fitness test
1599 EUR 1399 EUR*

This service includes:

  • biomaterial collection kit;
  • conducting the testing in a laboratory;
  • test Report in English.
  • personal meal plan for 4 weeks;
  • personal training plan for 4 weeks
Translation services
220 EUR*

The DNA test report is published in English. The document is quite large. We work with a professional translation agency and translate DNA reports into any language. The average price for 1800 characters is about 12 EUR. Depending on the language group, the price varies from 10 to 15 EUR (1800 characters with spaces). The above price is an advance payment for the translation. If you order the service, we will clarify the exact price of the translation, and either the prepayment will cover all costs, or we will return part of the funds to your card, or we will invoice for some difference

Written personal consultation
270 EUR*

This is a written consultation. For a consultation, I talk to a geneticist based on the results of your DNA test. Before the consultation, you can send me your clarifying questions on the DNA test. The time to complete the consultation depends on the workload of the doctors of the genetic laboratory. We will clarify the exact terms upon ordering this service. Unfortunately, this is not a very quick procedure. A consultation with a geneticist may have to wait about 2 weeks

* Price is indicative and subject to update. Discount may be reduced or cancelled at any time.
I want to buy:
What happens after payment?

After payment, my assistant will contact you and specify your address to send a home set for collecting DNA material. DNA analysis is performed on a sample of your saliva and a piece of mucous membrane on the inside of your cheek. The package for collecting DNA material will be sent by an international courier service (DHL, FedEx). Upon receipt of the set, you collect DNA material and send it by international courier service to our laboratory in Sofia. The result is delivered within 5-7 weeks; translation from English usually takes 2-4 working days. We agree on the consultation separately!

DNA testing process:

  • Payment for the test and receiving a set for taking DNA material;
  • Self-sampling of DNA material;
  • Sending DNA material to the laboratory;
  • DNA report output;
  • Translation from English (if necessary!);
  • Personal consultation (if necessary!).
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