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Dysmorphophobia: what is this disease and is it contagious?

An excessive desire to look perfect can turn into a mental disorder called body dysmorphic disorder

What is body dysmorphic disorder?

Dysmorphophobia is a mental disorder in which the sick person is extremely concerned about the imperfections of his appearance, tends to look for non-existent defects in himself, and builds his life around them. A person can constantly compare himself with others, try to correct a deficiency, including with the help of radical interventions - plastic surgery or attempts at self-harm.

In a word, this is a panic fear of looking bad and not living up to some ideals, which keeps you in constant nervous tension.

It is dysmorphophobia that causes suicidal thoughts more often than other disorders.

A fictitious or exaggerated external defect prevents the dysmorphophobe from leading a full life, and thoughts about a "defect" take several hours a day.

What are the most often dissatisfied people with body dysmorphic disorder?

According to research, most often people suffering from body dysmorphic disorder are unhappy with the condition of their skin, hair, and nose. Weight is in fourth place.

Many of the body dysmorphobes are not limited to one flaw and find several “defects” in themselves.

According to a 2007” Psychology Today” body image survey, 94% of American women are unhappy with one aspect of their appearance. 56% of those surveyed said that they were dissatisfied with their appearance in general. Abdominal size (71%), total body weight (60%), and insufficient muscle tone (58%) were cited as major problems. Almost 43% of men were dissatisfied with their appearance in general.

Compared with the results of the surveys conducted in 1985 and 2007, dissatisfaction with the appearance in general increased from 23 to 56% for women and from 15 to 43% for men.

What to do?

  • start exercising and eating properly. To do this, you must use the product DNA fitness,
  • start taking proper care of your skin. The most effective skincare program is a personalized DNA care program. It is this kind of care that gives a visible result and the person calms down inside himself, thereby reducing the medical and psychological symptoms of dysmorphophobia,
  • pass the TAS test and assess the level of psychosomatic damage,
  • depending on its results, sign up for a consultation with a medical psychologist.

Skincare program "DNA-beauty"

Every day we are faced with the dilemma of choosing beauty products, services, and skincare tips, but more often than not they are completely ineffective, although they are expensive. Expensive doesn't mean perfect results!

Dermagenetic risk profile of your skin.

We create a dermagenetic risk profile for your skin by analyzing 15 genes in 5 categories!

Dermagenetic Risk Profile is a scientifically based approach that allows you to make an informed choice of the most appropriate method of caring for your skin, eliminating the process of trial and error.

What do you get in fact?

Genetic testing will allow us to create your personalized skincare program. This applies to both cosmetic recommendations and procedural care! Unfortunately, different genetic skin types have their care, and if you don’t know what your skin wants, then the price of the procedure doesn’t matter - there will be no result anyway! No illusions!

What risks will be investigated?
The firmness and elasticity of the skin

One in three people has a genetic variation that predisposes to the accelerated breakdown of collagen. Collagen is a protein that makes up 75% of the dry weight of the skin, keeping it firm, firm, and wrinkle-free. Genetic predispositions play an important role in balancing collagen defense and breakdown.

Genes associated with:

  • Protecting collagen - preserving existing collagen from unnecessary breakdown and helping to normalize the functions of skin cells destroyed by oxidative stress;
  • Collagen breakdown - slowing down the breakdown and breakdown of collagen fibers found in the extracellular substance of human tissue.
Glycation (AGEs)

Every second person is predisposed to a decrease in genetic protection against glycation.

The glycation process occurs when excess glucose molecules in the body bind to collagen and elastin fibers in the skin.

As a result, AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products) are formed - the end products of progressive glycation. The more carbohydrates are consumed, the more AGEs are formed, and their lifespan is approximately double that of a single cell. This means that if you do not take action, AGEs can cause serious damage to the health and appearance of your skin.

Genetic testing accurately determines your normal glucose levels and cellular energy metabolism, which means that a DNA test is the best method to prevent the glycation process.

Genes associated with glycation disorders are being investigated - serum glucose control, intake, and assimilation bubbling energy.

Sun damage and pigmentation

Two out of five people have a genetic variation that affects the UV protection of the skin.

The sun's ultraviolet rays are one of the most significant causes of premature skin aging. Often the damage accumulates over the years, but when the skin becomes visibly damaged, it is too late to restore and rejuvenate it - the results, of course, will be, but they will not be effective!

When UV rays hit the skin, the photochemical process of converting their energy into small amounts of heat begins. If this energy is not neutralized, then free radicals are generated. A genetic test allows you to understand your skin's ability to naturally deal with UV rays.

Genes associated with:

  • Melanin formation - important for protecting the skin from the sun;
  • Recovery from UV rays;
  • Photoprotection - cleavage of the DNA of photoproducts from exposure to UV rays;
  • Protection against UV radicals - correction of DNA mutations caused by 8-oxoG radicals (free radicals produced as a result of exposure to UV rays).
Damage from free radicals

One in two people has a reduced ability for antioxidant protection due to gene variations.

Free radicals damage almost every cell in the body. When ultraviolet rays strike the skin, a photochemical process begins converting their energy into small amounts of heat. If this energy is not neutralized, free radicals are generated.

Sensitivity and inflammation

Four out of five people have a genetically determined ability to overproduce inflammatory proteins.

Inflammation is the body's short-term immune response to heal and protect the body from infections and toxins. Chronic inflammation is one of the most common causes of premature skin aging.

Genes associated with:

  • Acute skin inflammation;
  • Protection from internal toxins;
  • Sensitivity of the skin to external toxins, such as chemicals in cosmetics.

The result of genetic research will help us create your personalized skincare program.

The result of the genetic research will help us to create your personal skin care program
Correct cosmetics

Recommendations for cosmetic products for your skincare are based on individual genetic characteristics. Not all cosmetics are necessary and good for your skin! Not always expensive cosmetics will be effective in your case! But what your skin needs - your genes will tell us!


The beauty of the skin starts from within….

The ideology of using dietary supplements boils down to the fact that skin cells must receive the right food for an active life. And this nutrition is not only the right cosmetics, it is the nutrition of the cell. Knowing your set of genetic polymorphisms, we will understand which nutrients can compensate for chronic deficiencies at the cellular level and will ensure effective functioning and renewal of the skin at any age.

Professional cosmetology procedures

Timeless beauty... Based on the obtained genetic portrait of your skin, a dermatologist can predict the appearance of functional imbalances in the skin, and select the optimal cosmetic procedures for caring for your skin.

Diet recommendations
How and what to eat for youthful skin... Food is a powerful cosmetic enhancer and has the potential to address aging skin issues, but the food needs to be right, right for you! Dietary recommendations for genetic testing are developed taking into account individual genetic predispositions and individual skin needs. Recommendations include a list of permitted foods and foods to avoid!
The skin's dermagenetic risk profile does not change and WILL WORK FOR A LIFETIME!
Buy DNA-beauty skincare program now and get rid of body dysmorphophobia!
1599 EUR 1399 EUR*

This service includes:

  • biomaterial collection kit;
  • conducting the testing in a laboratory;
  • test Report in English.

+ individual skincare program

Translation services
220 EUR*

The DNA test report is published in English. The document is quite large. We work with a professional translation agency and translate DNA reports into any language. The average price for 1800 characters is about 12 EUR. Depending on the language group, the price varies from 10 to 15 EUR (1800 characters with spaces). The above price is an advance payment for the translation. If you order the service, we will clarify the exact price of the translation, and either the prepayment will cover all costs, or we will return part of the funds to your card, or we will invoice for some difference.

Written personal consultation
270 EUR*

This is a written consultation. For a consultation, I talk to a geneticist based on the results of your DNA test. Before the consultation, you can send me your clarifying questions on the DNA test. The time to complete the consultation depends on the workload of the doctors of the genetic laboratory. We will clarify the exact terms upon ordering this service. Unfortunately, this is not a very quick procedure. A consultation with a geneticist may have to wait about 2 weeks.

* Price is indicative and subject to update. Discount may be reduced or cancelled at any time
I want to buy:
What happens after payment?

After payment, my assistant will contact you and specify your address to send a home set for collecting DNA material. DNA analysis is performed on a sample of your saliva and a piece of mucous membrane on the inside of your cheek. The package for collecting DNA material will be sent by an international courier service (DHL, FedEx). Upon receipt of the set, you collect DNA material and send it by international courier service to our laboratory in Sofia. The result is delivered within 5-7 weeks; translation from English usually takes 2-4 working days. We agree on the consultation separately!

DNA testing process:

  • Payment for the test and receiving a set for taking DNA material;
  • Self-sampling of DNA material;
  • Sending DNA material to the laboratory;
  • DNA report output;
  • Translation from English (if necessary!);
  • Personal consultation (if necessary!).
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