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Counseling "Psychosomatic GREEN"

Greetings! Testing shows the need to work on your problem! And now I want to tell you how our "Psychosomatic GREEN" counseling will take place. This consultation is a logical continuation of the TAS test that you took before you decided to sign up for this consultation.
The purpose of the consultation is to confirm or refute the results of the TAS test, and if the result is confirmed, to find out:
  • what stage of development the psychosomatic lesion is in;
  • what negative emotions you experience most often;
  • what negative character traits support these emotions; 
  • a tendency to unmotivated emotional outbursts;
  • neurotic reactions in the test subject;
  • which organs of the body are under somatic strain; 
  • what medical complaints can manifest as a somatic burden;
  • whether there are psycho-oncological risks, and if so, which organs of the body;
  • what is your pathological emotional system;
  • what is your pathological functional system;
  • whether or not medical help is needed other than the help of a medical psychologist;
  • whether additional diagnostic measures are needed;
  • a strategy for correcting the psychosomatic condition in your case.

My consultation is not a subjective (personal) opinion of a clinical psychologist about your problem, but a balanced assessment of your risks regarding the impact of stress on your health. The consultation is based on the transcripts of the Virtual Health Scanner neuropsychological test. My consultation is unique! Read on and you'll see why it is!

1. What is a neuropsychological test?

The "Virtual Health Scanner" is an innovative psychological software, which performs color testing of personality (character) changes under stress, revealing destructive qualities of personality and emotions and evaluating their influence on the health of the tested person. The Russian Ministry of Health approved the use of the system and in 2002 issued a Certificate allowing the use of the Color Diagnostic and Color Correction System in health care facilities as a preventive, diagnostic, and treatment system for psychosomatic diseases.

Watch this video from TV CENTER (Russia) about the Virtual Health Scanner.

The accuracy of the test is about 97%! How is this possible?

Do you remember the high school or, more precisely, high school physics? What is color (light)? It is an electromagnetic wave that can be measured! But it turns out that each person has his color perception, and it depends on his psycho-emotional status, on the current configuration of health. Developments in this area began back in the USSR in 1985 at the Krasnoyarsk Medical Institute. Medical scientists came up with an idea to reveal regularities between color perception and patient's diseases.
2. How does the testing go?

After the consultation is paid, you will receive the Virtual Health Scanner software installer by e-mail and install it on your desktop computer (OS Windows). 

During testing, the Virtual Health Scanner will show you several colorful videos. Each video clip is shown for 15-20 seconds, then its color scheme is distorted and your task is to restore from memory the color scheme to the original one. The clips are shown sequentially, until you have finished restoring one clip, you cannot see and restore the gamma of the next one. 

The whole test takes 15 to 25 minutes. After the test is finished, the program will create your diagnostic file, and you will only have to send it to me for decoding.

I will decipher your file and describe in detail how stress affects your health and give recommendations on what would be beneficial to do in your case to reduce the psychosomatic stress on the body.

My certificate giving you the right to work with the software "Strannik" ("Virtual Health Scanner")

3. What will we talk about at the consultation?
We will discuss over 200 parameters of your psychosomatic health. Watch this video to see what we will talk about.
4. Therapy or what will we do after the consultation?

The therapy will be individual. It will consist of personal color correction, psychotherapy, drug therapy (it will be prescribed by your doctor after studying my report on the psychosomatic condition), and also taking dietary supplements or taking herbal decoctions. During the conversation, we will discuss with you its details and agree on the price. You can read more about the therapy here.

Parameters of the "Psychosomatic GREEN" consultation

Time to prepare a written consultation
3 business days after receiving the diagnostic file for transcription
Written (in English). Oral (wav/mp3 recording)
The price of a written consultation
120 EUR (VAT not included!)
Price of an oral consultation (30 minutes)
100 EUR (VAT not included!)
Testing under the guidance of a psychologist
60 EUR (VAT not included!)
Card or bank transfer (100% prepayment!)
You will receive an e-mail installer of the "Virtual Health Scanner" software and install it on a desktop computer (OS Windows) + instructions for testing
There is no need for an office visit to provide this service. This service will be provided online.

A written consultation is a transcript of your test. I will prepare an extended transcript as a Word document and send it to you by e-mail. You study my report, prepare your questions in writing, send them to me, and we arrange a time for an oral consultation.

An oral consultation can be in the form of an audio file. In this consultation, I answer your questions and we discuss the treatment regimen. With each new test, we work according to this scheme! As practice shows, this is the most effective format of work - important questions are not forgotten and not lost in the flow of information, everything you need for treatment is always at your fingertips! If you need a translation into another language (not English!) - this is possible for an additional fee.

Buy a consultation
"Psychosomatic GREEN" counseling (written)
144 EUR
"Psychosomatic GREEN" counseling (oral)
120 EUR
Psychologist-led testing
72 EUR

If you're having trouble taking a color test, you can buy this consultation. It lasts one hour, which is enough time to understand how to take a color test.

It's important to remember and know:
  • Psychosomatic illnesses are not corrected by medication, on the contrary, psychosomatic symptoms are suppressed and, as a consequence, the symptoms of physical illness are worsened! Moreover, if your condition is chronic, no medical treatment will be successful if psychosomatic symptoms are not corrected.
  • Regardless of the results of the TAS-test, work on the psychosomatic problem begins with a «Psychosomatic GREEN» consultation. If the consultation confirms the results of the TAS-test, the client will need Psychosomatic YELLOW consultation (to confirm/refute the fact of functional changes in the body) and Psychosomatic RED consultation (to confirm/refute the fact of organic changes in the body).
Take the free TAS test and find out your psychosomatic risks now!
Any questions?
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