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Consultation "Psychosomatics Red"

Greetings! Now I want to tell you how the "Psychosomatic RED" consultation will take place
The purpose of the consultation:
  • For my clients, it is the monitoring of the psychosomatic process, understanding the change in psychosomatics under the influence of psychotherapy or personal color therapy, as well as the treatment measures carried out by your treating doctor.
  • For those who are NOT a client - a unique opportunity to conduct a full medical-psychological diagnosis of health on the system "Clinical Psychologist + all doctors in one diagnosis" at a very favorable price.

For this, I will use the "SENSITIVE IMAGO" test

1. What is the "SENSITIVE IMAGO"?
"SENSITIVE IMAGO" is an innovative medical and psychological software, which is based on the method of biomagnetic resonance (BRT). This phenomenon has been known for a long time and has been well studied. It is based on the theory of oscillatory circuit - electromagnetic field inherent in any organism, where each healthy cell has its harmonious frequency of oscillations. When the body is stressed, the frequencies of the cells change from "healthy" to "sick". "SENSITIVE IMAGO" has in its database the vibrational frequencies corresponding to all known medical diseases and can compare the vibrational frequencies of healthy and diseased organs. Thus, in a short time, a comprehensive non-invasive examination of the entire body is carried out and accurate information about the effects of psychological stress on the body organs and all the major functional systems of the body can be obtained.
Learn more about "SENSITIVE IMAGO" documents and technology
As a medical psychologist, I was trained to use the "SENSITIVE IMAGO" to monitor psychosomatic processes.
My certificate entitling me to work with "LIFESTREAM" software ("SENSITIVE IMAGO" bioresonance diagnostics)
2. How testing takes place?
The testing takes place in the office. After the consultation is paid for, you will be scheduled for a consultation. Testing and transcription take about 60 minutes. Testing is safe, painless, bloodless, no skin damage, no penetration into the body.

Watch a video about how testing happens

The current state of the following body systems will be evaluated:
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • Nervous system
  • Endocrine system
  • Genitourinary system
  • Respiratory system
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Sensors
  • Blood and lymph

At the end of the information withdrawal from the subject, the "LIFESTREAM" shows the probability of one or another psychosomatic process.

3. What will we talk about in the consultation?

This consultation is in writing. I will fully analyze your problem and give detailed recommendations on what should be done in your case. I will evaluate the effectiveness of your current therapy. If I see that personal color correction in your case is not enough, we will discuss the possibility of psychotherapy sessions + taking dietary supplements (herbs).

If "SENSITIVE IMAGO" test shows the ineffectiveness of drug therapy, in this case, I will prepare a report for your doctor, so he can adjust his work with you within the psychosomatic process.

Parameters of "Psychosomatic RED" consultation:

Time to prepare a written consultation
3 business days after receiving the diagnostic file for transcription
Written (in English). Oral (wav/mp3 recording)
The price of a written consultation
120 EUR (VAT not included!)
Price of an oral consultation (30 minutes)
100 EUR (VAT not included!)
Card or bank transfer (100% prepayment!)
Mandatory testing in the office before the consultation
Written opinion for the attending physician 80 EUR (VAT not included!). It takes 2 business days to write it
Note: If you are not in Bulgaria right now and cannot take the Sensitiv Imago test, please do not pay for this consultation. If you pay even by mistake, the money will not be refunded, but a convenient time will be

A written consultation is a transcript of your test. I will prepare an extended transcript as a Word document and send it to you by e-mail. You study my report, prepare your questions in writing, send them to me, and we arrange a time for an oral consultation.

An oral consultation can be in the form of an audio file. In this consultation, I answer your questions and we discuss the treatment regimen. With each new test, we work according to this scheme! As practice shows, this is the most effective format of work - important questions are not forgotten and not lost in the flow of information, everything you need for treatment is always at your fingertips! If you need a translation into another language (not English!) - this is possible for an additional fee.

Buy a consultation
"Psychosomatic RED" counseling (written)
144 EUR
"Psychosomatic RED " counseling (oral)
120 EUR
Doctor's report
96 EUR
It's important to remember and know:
  • Psychosomatic illnesses are not corrected by medication, on the contrary, psychosomatic symptoms are suppressed and, as a consequence, the symptoms of physical illness are worsened! Moreover, if your condition is chronic, no medical treatment will be successful if psychosomatic symptoms are not corrected.
  • Regardless of the results of the TAS-test, work on the psychosomatic problem begins with a «Psychosomatic GREEN» consultation. If the consultation confirms the results of the TAS-test, the client will need "Psychosomatic YELLOW" consultation (to confirm/refute the fact of functional changes in the body) and "Psychosomatic RED" consultation (to confirm/refute the fact of organic changes in the body).
Take the free TAS test and find out your psychosomatic risks now!
Any questions?
Write - I will answer!

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