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Stable blood pressure

Color correction of psychosomatic problems of the functional system that maintains an optimal level of blood pressure

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What problem does the color correction course solve:

Finds out the psychosomatic cause of changes in blood pressure levels, eliminates the cause, and restores normal blood pressure levels.

What is included in the price for a color correction course?
  1. The color correction course itself is an individual video file that records a personal set of color highlights in a specific sequence. This file is prepared by the Virtual Health Scanner mathematical software based on the results of color testing and takes into account more than eight hundred personal parameters, received by the scanner from a person during the color test.
  2. Software required to view the color correction course on the user's computer or laptop  (OS WINDOWS).
  3. Instructions for installing the software, duration, and multiplicity of a color correction course.
Main parameters of the color correction course:
How many times a day to see correction:
2 times a day, in the morning and 2 hours before going to bed
Sessions in a color correction course:
54 (enough for 27 days of correction)
What needs to create it?

Each course is created individually, taking into account the physical, psychological, and social characteristics of the individual.

There is no universal course of color correction. This is why it differs from drugs that are widely sold in pharmacies without regard to your body's specific characteristics!

To create it you need a consultation "Psychosomatics GREEN (written)" and "Psychosomatics GREEN (oral)". At the written (main) consultation the testing and transcription of the color test take place, and at the oral consultation the medical psychologist determines the scheme of correction of psychosomatic pathology in your case, and if this course is shown to you, it will be created based on the test results and you will start watching it!

What is a functional system that maintains optimal blood pressure?

The normal blood pressure should not exceed 140/90 mmHg. The optimal level is 120/80 mmHg. This pressure ensures optimal blood flow through the blood vessels. When the blood pressure is normal, necessary metabolic processes take place between the blood and the internal organs, so that they are supplied with blood normally.

When the pressure drops, the blood supply to the organs deteriorates; when the pressure is high, blood flows quickly through the blood vessels and puts a lot of pressure on the capillary walls, which leads to a deterioration of metabolic processes.

Blood pressure levels are affected by circulating blood volume, total peripheral vascular resistance, cardiac output (force of contraction and amount of blood ejected by the heart during contraction), many hormones, and active substances. Blood pressure can vary throughout the day depending on lifestyle and other external conditions (food intake, stress, exercise, etc.).

There is a functional system in the body that maintains optimal blood pressure levels. It includes:

  • organs and tissues: blood and vessels, heart, bones, spleen, liver;
  • hormonal mechanisms regulating their activity: adrenal glands, thyroid gland, pituitary gland;
  • brain, which controls all the activity of the functional system.

When the body is exposed to pathogenic factors and an aggressive external environment, changes occur in the functioning of this system, and the normal level of blood pressure changes: a pathological functional system is formed.

  1. When the psychological state changes (negative experiences), a focus of pathological excitation is formed and activated in the brain.
  2. Pathological impulses are sent to the organs: normal regulation of their activity is disturbed.

(3) Organs begin to work abnormally: changes in blood pressure levels occur.

If the psychological state is not normalized, this state consolidates: the organs work abnormally, they send signals to the brain, and the brain again sends pathological commands. A vicious circle is formed, and diseases associated with changes in blood pressure levels begin to develop in the body.

Who is primarily threatened by changes in blood pressure levels?

Fear has the most destructive effect on blood pressure levels, and anger and sadness increase its effect.

People with certain psychological traits are prone to blood pressure problems. They are afraid of loneliness and uncertainty of the future, they are often haunted by the fear of making a mistake, that is why in responsible situations they feel insecure. Do not trust unfamiliar people. They try to conform to the requirements of society. Material well-being is important for them, therefore they work diligently trying to do everything better than others. Strive for success and recognition. They often undertake new activities and wait for immediate results, but if they do not have them, they fall into despondency. Often experience rage and anger. Any failure makes them aggressive and irritable.

They tend to perform urgent rather than important tasks in the first place, and on emotional highs often take on impossible tasks, which, because of their innate hyper responsibility and a heightened sense of duty, they cannot give up later. Therefore, they begin to deny themselves rest and try not to notice their illnesses. Strongly attracted to loved ones and painfully experience any parting. They always try to look loving and caring. Visible altruism, up to and including abandonment, is observed for fear of losing important people. They are inclined to blame themselves for the fact that they cannot give their loved ones everything they want. However, they are often angry with others, considering that they do not receive enough care and attention, which they need very much. However, they conceal their feelings, for fear of conflict, so they often dwell on bitter feelings.

All of this leads to excessive mental and emotional overload, fatigue, sadness, and depression. There is a feeling of powerlessness, helplessness, and hopelessness. The person loses the taste for life and becomes depressed. Against this background, diseases associated with changes in blood pressure levels develop particularly quickly and intensively.

What diseases related to changes in blood pressure and in which organs may develop because of unresolved psychological problems?

  • Blood diseases are accompanied by changes in their physical properties (viscosity, fluidity, etc.).
  • Diseases of the heart, leading to a disturbance of its work, reduction or intensification of its contractions, and cardiac output.
  • Diseases of the bone and joint system, leading to changes in the cellular composition of the blood, changes in its viscosity, as well as mechanical compression of blood vessels.
  • Diseases of the spleen, leading to changes in the cellular composition of the blood, changes in its viscosity, as well as blood stasis.
  • Diseases of the liver, leading to changes in blood properties, blood stasis in the veins, release of various active substances that affect blood pressure levels.
  • Diseases of the adrenal glands.
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  • Diseases of the pituitary gland, accompanied by changes in the production of hormones that regulate the thyroid and adrenal glands.
  • Diseases of the brain, which change the formation of nerve impulses and regulation of internal organs.

How does the course of color correction "Stable blood pressure" work?

Based on the results of the color test the Virtual Health Scanner creates an individually calculated correction module (an individual video file, in which a personal set of color highlights in a certain sequence is recorded).

The session lasts only 15-25 minutes, but it is enough to completely normalize the mood and reduce the symptoms of the psychosomatic disease if used regularly.

During personal sessions of color correction occurs:

  • improvement of the psychoemotional state (anxiety goes away, conscious and unconscious fears are eliminated, deep negative experiences);
  • getting rid of the consequences of stress;
  • mitigation of negative character traits;
  • restoration of emotional balance.

As a result, the body switches on additional resources of self-regeneration and starts to heal itself! Symptoms of the psychosomatic condition are reduced or cease altogether! The functionality of the affected functional system of the body is restored (or improved).

How does color correction work?

Usual pills and medications act only on the symptoms of disease, i.e. its consequences. By taking medication, you get a temporary reduction in the symptoms of the disease, but the cause remains, and at any time the disease may return. In addition, medications have serious side effects, and often some problems diminish while others manifest themselves in the background of taking them.

Color correction affects the true cause of the disease, which is deep in the subconscious and has been formed over the years. It takes time to eliminate it.

If the disease has existed for a long time, permanent changes have already occurred in the organs. In this case, color correction will help to stop the disease's deterioration and improve the quality of life. 

If the correction algorithm is followed precisely, color correction always gives a positive result, since it is created for a specific person. In addition, color correction:

  • there are no contraindications;
  • there is no toxic effect on the body;
  • no side effects.
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