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Color therapy, correction

Therapeutic care in the case of the psychosomatic condition has its peculiarities.

First, these are special psychological computer technologies that reduce stress levels, relieve the psychosomatic burden on the body, are cost-effective, and save the patient money.

Second, such a patient often requires medical care, and therefore the psychologist must interact with the attending physician, both at the stage of verifying the diagnosis and at the stage of medical therapy.

Third, special psychotherapy techniques are needed, such as mindfulness therapy, since psychotherapy does not affect the pathological functional system (PFS), but acts only as an additional element of psychological care. 

It is from these three elements that your psychosomatic correction program will consist. 

Now a very important point: the more severe the psychosomatic affection, the more time will be needed for the correction of this condition. Time is money! But the good news is that personal color therapy allows you to save on both the number of personal psychotherapy sessions and the final price of the entire course of psychological aid.

Personal color therapy (color correction)

Color correction is the patient's viewing on his computer of colors specially selected with the help of the correction module of the "Virtual Health Scanner" medical software. Personal Color Correction Course is an individual video file in which a personal set of color highlights in a particular sequence is recorded. This video file is based on the results of color testing and takes into account more than eight hundred personal parameters received from a person during the color test.

As you remember, psychosomatic illness is a mental trojan, which I told you about in the video, and every person has his or her own, unique one! Every computer trojan masquerades as legitimate software! A mental trojan does the same thing! How does it do that? It's very simple! A mental trojan creates a Pathological Functional System (PFS) in the human body and uses it to infect one of the human body's functional systems, for example, the system which ensures normal sleep. Human health complaints will come precisely from this system, the person will stop sleeping normally, but their cause will be in the PFS. 

 A light wave of a certain length "erases" PFS, and by removing it, we erase the pathological association of neurons in the brain, thus removing the cause of distorted control commands from the brain to the body organs. This is similar to removing a virus from a computer using anti-virus software. 

Due to this, additional self-regulation resources are activated in the body and the body begins to heal itself, which manifests itself in a reduction or disappearance of the symptoms of medical disease. 

 The correction session lasts only about 20-25 minutes, and the patient should watch it in the morning and evening. 

While watching the personal color correction sessions takes place:
  • improvement of the psycho-emotional state (anxiety disappears, conscious and unconscious fears and deep negative experiences are eliminated);
  • reducing the level of stress;
  • smoothing out the patient's negative character traits;
  • restoration of mental equilibrium.

Example of a color correction session

Color correction is a perfect complement to proper medical therapy. If the doctor prescribes pills and procedures by the medical psychologist's report on PFS, the medications "erase" the effects of PFS on the level of the body organs, and the color correction "erases" PFS on the level of the psyche. This is the only working scheme for treating psychosomatic illnesses. Psychotherapy does not work here, because it does not affect PFS!

 Color correction always gives a positive result, as it is created for a specific person. In addition, color correction has:  

  • there are no contraindications;
  • there is no toxic effect on the body;
  • no side effects;
  • it combines perfectly with proper medical treatment and enhances its positive effect.

A course of color therapy is created individually, taking into account the physical, psychological and social features of the specific person. The course is developed based on the client's personal medical and biological model, which rules out various mistakes and the subjective opinion of the person (the psychologist) when assessing the client's case! There is no "one size fits all" course!

The course is calculated for a month. After a month to make new testing and create a new course, taking into the body's reaction to medical treatment, as well as review the previous course of color correction. 

If proper treatment is not started in time, PFS will only get worse over time. Recall, the goal of the computer trojan is total control over the computer, the goal of the mental trojan is total control over the body. Thus, as time passes, you will get more and more new medical symptoms, drink more and more medication, and there will be no progress in treatment! 

This condition is very well known in modern medicine - it is called chronic disease. The stronger your personal PFS becomes over time, the stronger your negative character traits will manifest themselves. The stronger your negative character traits will be, the more stress and conflict will be in your life, the more negative emotions you will experience, the stronger your PFS will become. This is your inner snake biting its tail: a disease supporting itself, and you are only an energy donor for its existence.

How to buy a color correction course

Color correction courses can be purchased after deciphering the results of color testing. The most important courses for the client will be recommended by the psychologist at the consultation.

The course will be created and delivered to the client within 48 hours from the date the funds are received.

The price of any course is 120 EUR90 EUR *
PC software to view color correction is included in the course price.
* Price is indicative and subject to update. Discount may be reduced or cancelled at any time.
Work on correction of the psychosomatic condition always begins with a course of personal color correction "Pathological Functional System (PFS). After correction of PFS, it is possible to solve other psychological problems of the client. Specialized color correction courses are created for this purpose.
Separately about saving money...

One session of psychotherapy over the Internet costs from 55 EUR, usually need 2 sessions per week. The duration of therapy is on average 4-6 months. In some cases, the client can visit the psychologist for up to 2 years! But there is an important "BUT!": psychotherapy does not affect PFS! 

A month course of personal color correction costs only 90 EUR* (vat includes!). Savings are 320 EUR. In the case of psychosomatic illness, psychotherapy must be special and it acts only as an additional element of psychological help. This is why I always begin psychological treatment work with personal color correction, and only after 2-4 months we decide with the client whether psychotherapeutic sessions are necessary for addition to color correction. In most cases, there is no such need!

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