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The method of therapeutic fasting is very effective in defeating psychosomatics. The founder of therapeutic fasting is a Russian psychiatrist, doctor of medical sciences, author of works of diet therapy - Yuri Nikolayev. As far back as 1960, he defended his doctoral thesis on "Discharge-diet therapy of schizophrenia and its physiological substantiation". 

Important for my work with patients is the book by Yuri Nikolayev "Treatment of nervous and mental diseases by fasting", which was published in 1969. Now, based on his developments, modern methods of therapeutic fasting have been created, and I use one of these methods for myself and my clients. 

Therapeutic fasting as a treatment for psychosomatic diseases is a truly ingenious method! There are cases when even without a psychotherapist's intervention the following things disappear during starvation: anxiety, resentment, guilt, feeling of helplessness, self-loathing, etc. A positive psychological state emerges, on the background of which diseases very quickly disappear. And it is not surprising, because the main cause - mental pathology - is eliminated. 

For me, fasting is a way of life! I invite you to join me in this process. Group fasting is done both on Skype and in person. 

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