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Online training "The Art of Healing Fasting"

The Art of Healing Fasting

The most comprehensive video training course on safe therapeutic fasting technology without acidotic crisis or medical problems.

  • 30 practical video lessons
  • Homework and mentoring
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • Closed Skype group (paid option)
  • Personal counseling and coaching (paid option)

We have developed an online training program that anyone can use to do fasting at home, achieve success, and completely avoid the mistakes and medical complications listed above. To quickly lose excess weight or cope with most common diseases, it is enough to make a decision and start training, and then regularly apply the acquired knowledge in practice in your life. Without false modesty, we can say - there are no analogs of this method of therapeutic starvation!

80% of the course participants are between the ages of 32 and 70

Psychosomatic illnesses we encounter most often: high blood sugar, high blood pressure, reduced thyroid function, removed gall bladder, arthritis and arthritis of the joints, digestive problems (heartburn, flatulence), all kinds of food and skin allergies, and many more.

 Most of these come back to normal within the first 3-7 food breaks*, naturally through therapeutic fasting, weight loss, and healthy eating in between fasts! 

* Food Pause (food break) = 7 days of therapeutic fasting.

Methodology of therapeutic cyclic fasting

Dr. Voroshilov's 33 years of experience working with patients using the therapeutic fasting method has allowed him* to create a unique technique for fasting and eating between meals. It is based exclusively on practical knowledge and skills, which you will develop throughout your training. 

More than 25,000 people from all over the world have learned how to fast and eat properly, normalized their weight, and got rid of many chronic diseases.

The author of the video course "The Art of Therapeutic Fasting" is a professional fasting doctor, clinical psychologist, therapist, and teacher TODOR MILYKH.

In 2019 he spent 72 days on therapeutic cyclical fasting in cycles of 7-10 days.

Content of the training course

The course consists of 30 detailed sessions. The course covers in detail all the possibilities and algorithms of the therapeutic cyclical fasting methodology from complete zero to the advanced level. 

During the course, I will share with you the author's special techniques and methods. I will tell you about my experience of therapeutic fasting, which will allow you to avoid the typical mistakes of beginners who have decided to introduce food pause as an element of weight normalization, eating behavior, and general recovery and rejuvenation in their lives.

We have emphasized practice, so during the course, under the author's careful guidance, you will solve specific practical problems while familiarizing yourself with the various theoretical aspects of therapeutic fasting. 

Lesson 1. History of therapeutic fasting. 

Lesson 2. Physiology and pathophysiology of therapeutic fasting.  

Lesson 3. Myths and Truths about therapeutic fasting.  

Lesson 4. BBC on starvation.  

Lesson 5. How much and who is allowed to fast?  

Lesson 6. Lifestyles on Hunger.  

Lesson 7. Choosing the time for the first food break.  

Lesson 8. Shopping at the drugstore: Preparing for a food pause.

Lesson 9. Gallbladder Activation and Tubage. 

Lesson 10. Tubage - important practical recommendations. 

Lesson 11. Preliminary (first) enema. 

Lesson 12. Second (main) enema. 

Lesson 13. How to effectively eliminate the feeling of hunger during a food pause.   

Lesson 14. What is mineralization and what is it for. 

Lesson 15. Entering the Food Pause. 

Lesson 16. Procedures and order of their performance on days 1 and 2 of the Food Pause. 

Lesson 17. Procedures and how to perform them on days 3 and 4 of the Food Pause.  

Lesson 18. Procedures and order of their performance from days 5 to 7 of the Food Pause. 

Lesson 19. Control of cleaning procedures. 

Lesson 20. When and why the gag reflex is needed. 

Lesson 21. Health problems during a food break. 

Lesson 22. Order of procedures for day 8 - the day of coming out of the food pause. 

Lesson 23. Basic rules for eating after a food break. 

Lesson 24. Menu for the first 5 days after the food break.  

Lesson 25. Microbiome.  

Lesson 26. Dynamics of weight change at the food pause. 

Lesson 27. Why do we need a self-monitoring journal and fasting report? 

Lesson 28. Life after the Food Pause. 

Bonus 1 - Lesson 29. Nano-diet - an alternative to starvation. 

Bonus 2 - Lesson 30. Express fasting.

Who needs this course?
  • Those who want to have a perfect, youthful, slender body regardless of gender or age.
  • Those who want to extend their youth and active longevity.
  • Those who understand that the best doctor is the body itself and its mechanisms of recovery and self-regulation, and fasting is the ideal environment for self-recovery and recovery.
  • Those who want to expand their consciousness and gain new skills to survive in today's social environment, to become less dependent on society and its imposed patterns of life.
If you are interested in learning about long-term fasting, send your request through the contact form at the foot of the page.
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