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Skype group: weekend fasting

Do you want to try fasting but are afraid to start doing it on your own? I know what you mean! And that's why I suggest you join a group fast that I do every week on weekends over the internet! 

So, every Friday we meet in a skype group. On this day we get acquainted, discuss the problems of each participant of the group, share our fears and doubts, receive my answers and comments, as well as discuss the schedule of meetings for Saturday and Sunday - the days of fasting. You will also receive recommendations on nutrition for the coming days of fasting.

We will fast 2 days only, on Saturday and Sunday. I and members of the group will limit the consumption of calories to 500-600 kcal per day. On fasting days, women are recommended to consume 500 kcal and men 600 kcal.

During these days you will consume 2 small meals of 250 kcal for women and 300 kcal for men.

On Saturday and Sunday, the group will meet on Skype 3 times a day (morning, lunch, evening) to discuss the current fasting process, and of course, you can share with participants your feelings about the process. 

On Sunday evening, usually at 7 p.m. Sofia time, the group meets for the last time, we discuss the whole fasting cycle, I give a short lecture about fasting and its benefits for rejuvenation and weight loss, introduce you to our consulting products and services, and we end the day in a good mood, in the company of new like-minded friends and get ready for the new work week! 

The price of participation in the group is symbolic: only 70 EUR*

* Price is indicative and subject to update. Discount may be reduced or cancelled at any time.
I want to buy:
* Price is indicative and subject to update. Discount may be reduced or cancelled at any time.
But for that money you get:
  • the real experience of fasting,
  • new interesting acquaintances,
  • useful and practical information about fasting and its effects on health,
  • take off some of the extra weight,
  • learn how to eat properly in this fasting format,
  • learn to control your sense of hunger,
  • get rid of the fear of starvation,
  • get a charge of positivity and good humor!

Sign up! It'll be fun and rewarding!

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