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VIP Coaching

What is VIP Coaching?

VIP Coaching is a lifetime client support program concerning the issues of duration of life regulation, slowing down the aging processes based on advanced biohacking techniques.

How does it work?

The program assumes close personal and remote interaction between the coach and the client. Personal interaction involves 4 client visits per year (once per quarter) to Bulgaria for medical and psychological procedures and examination according to the specified tasks. Remote interaction involves the client reports on the current situation with parameters for regular monitoring of vital factors (a personal set of markers for health, aging, and various risks). It also includes communication via Viber (WhatsApp) with a certain frequency for implementation of analysis and alterations to the biohacker’s current life strategy in order to improve the life quality of the latter.

Each personal visit takes from 10 to 12 days and involves 4-5 hours of busyness of the coach and client. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that VIP Coaching is a costly program, as it will require both my and your efforts, and as you understand, the most valuable thing in our life is time!

How much does it cost?

It is rather expensive! We will not specify the prices, not to scare the average man, but, probably, you have already understood that such close interaction on the issue of your longevity and the aging rate of your body is NOT AN ORDINARY TOPIC. Thus, it deserves special attention!

The cost is calculated individually for the period of 1 calendar year. The cost does not include expenses for air travels, hotels, transport, meals, and other things that are not related to the topic of our coaching. The cost depends on your health state and aging markers at the moment of joining the program.

You pay for the year in advance, perhaps we can agree on the payment by installments.

Who can take part in our program?

Fortunately or unfortunately, it is not about money! More precisely, not money but the level of your mental and physiological safety at the moment of joining the program determines your participation.

If your health state corresponds to this program, then money matters too!

Unfortunately, it often happens that a person has money, but he has already lost his health, and in such case, biohacking will not help him. He needs high-class professional individual medicine. Why?

Because a person dies not from the old age, but from the diseases of the old age.

If your health is in the state when your genome has not activated these diseases yet, then you can try biohacking, and there is a good chance that we will succeed in slowing down the aging process. If the situation is the opposite, then we will not be able to help you...
How can I understand that I can take part in the program?

In such case, you should come to Bulgaria and here we will implement medical and psychological testing. It will take up to 7 days. All results will be ready within 3 weeks on average, and then we can reasonably discuss your participation in our program.

What will we do?
General genetic testing

Heritage is a genetic testing determining the predisposition to hereditary diseases, preventive methods and creation of effective therapy. Heritage is based on the targeted sequencing with the help of TruSight Inherited Disease (Illumina) panel using Massive Parallel Sequencing (NGS) method. This testing differs from other genetic testing available nowadays in that it carries out a parallel analysis of 552 genes, including coding exons, exonintronic boundaries, and areas, which can have pathological mutations. These genes are specially selected and related with the development of various hereditary diseases.


Cardiology is a genetic testing determining the predisposition to hereditary cardiovascular diseases. Cardiology has examined 174 genes that are scientifically related with 17 different heart diseases. A group of genes has been specially selected in order to focus on the cardiovascular diseases with the most common heredity.


Immunology is a genetic testing determining the predisposition to the primary severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome.

Immunology carries out the parallel analysis of 80 genes and non-coding variants.

Genes are specially selected on the basis of scientific data and data accumulated during testing, that are related with the development of genetous severe combined immune deficiency.


Oncology is a genetic testing determining the predisposition to hereditary oncology diseases

Since 2020 the genes of the Oncology testing have been updated, and now there is carried out the massive parallel sequencing of 115 genes instead of 94 genes. Such update is the result of continuous advancement and new scientific data in the sphere of oncology and oncogenetics.


Mind is genetic testing determining genetic variations related with changes in key biological areas concerning mental health.

Neuropsychic diseases are the third most important causes of disability in Europe, right after cardiovascular and oncology diseases. Mental diseases include a wide range of mental disorders affecting mood, thoughts and behavior.

Female test Estrogen

Estrogen is a genetic testing for evaluation of the individual risk of estrogen-dependent diseases and their effective prevention.


Diabetes is a genetic testing determining the predisposition to diabetes and symptoms related with diabetes, preventive methods and assistance in choice of effective therapy.

Diabetes takes the 8th place in the world due to early death. The testing examines 99 key genes that are related with the predisposition to diabetes. 

The set of testing complex is aimed at the general body examination, depending on the gender. According to the results of laboratory, functional and instrumental examination, the doctor prepares the conclusion with the comprehensive assessment of the health state and the risks of specific diseases.

Markers of active longevity is a set of factors of the body state
Biological age

Biological age is an integral, complex assessment of the morphological and physiological body state, since the vital signs of our body deviate from the norms distinctive to the certain age.

Comprehensive assessment of the immune status

Comprehensive assessment of the immune status

Hormonal status

The hormonal balance changes with aging. Thus, it can cause various clinical deviations: from psychoemotional status changes to the formation of irreversible somatic conditions.

Metabolic markers

The pathology of metabolic processes plays the key role in the development of certain disorders, especially vascular diseases.

Markers of bone metabolism

Bone metabolism includes two different and independent processes: the formation of new (synthesis) and the destruction of old (resorption) bone tissue. These processes ensure the structural maintenance and functional activity.

Markers of systemic inflammation

Systemic inflammation depletes the immune system, provokes autoimmune reactions, reduces the body compensatory abilities and accelerates the aging processes.

Protein markers of oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is a metabolic and energy disorder, accumulation of active agents damaging the cells (or initiating their damage) and leading to the development of pathological conditions.

Functional body reserves

The functional body reserves (FBR) determine the range of reliability, in which the vital functions of organs and systems are not damaged in case of load increase. Level assessment according to FBR allows identifying the predisposition to the pathological conditions and in case of disease predicting the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs.

Any negative emotion experienced by a person during a long period results in a great excitement of the cerebral cortex. This excitement dominates all activities. If negative emotions are active for a long period and relentless, we speak about the “breakdown” of the body regulatory mechanisms.

This testing will help you understand the stress level in your life and its impact on the aging process.

Dynamic segmental diagnostics is the determination of the vegetal regulation nature of internal organs, tendomuscular apparatus and skin based on the study of neuron excitability of the segmental section of the neurovegetative system against the background of low-intensity stimulation of the nerve receptors of skin segments.

What do we do when testing is completed?
After all, you can go home. We will contact you within 3 weeks in order to discuss the results of your testing and a certain personal program plan. We can also estimate the cost of the annual participation in the program “Biohacking. VIP-Coaching”. If you are satisfied with the cost and conditions, then you make the payment, and we plan your first visit and schedule during your stay in Bulgaria.
What do you need for evaluation of your participation in the program?
You should download and carefully fill out this application. Send the application to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or attach it to the form.
Who are the clients of this program
Frankly speaking, only successful people, businessmen and business owners, buy this product. However, there is a very important “BUT”, they do not reflect in terms of earning money, they reflect as investors and they perceive this program as a direct investment in themselves and their life-style! It is obvious that without health, money does not bring pleasure, and the best gift for yourself is real steps and actions towards prolongation of your life!
Yes, this product is not for mass use, and to be honest, it can only be one-of-a-kind and exclusive!
The VIP group consists of only 15 people, 9 of them are vacant now... It not the point whether it is many or not! The important thing is that when this group is full, I will physically not be able to pay due attention to others, not because I do not want to, but because I am a biohacker. Thus, it requires serious work, full-time work.
It is not a hobby, and you cannot practice biohacking during your spare time and whenever you want!
There are strict schedules for fulfilling the prescriptions and if you follow them, you have a result, if you DO NOT – a NO is a no! Thus, working with my VIP clients and myself is my main job, and its quality does NOT imply a great number of clients, here we follow the main principle: the quality is more important that the quantity!
With that, I say goodbye to you! I hope to see you among my VIP clients!
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