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A clinical psychologist is a specialist whose expertise includes the examination of various mental symptoms to identify their relationship to illness. 

The work of the medical psychologist is aimed at diagnosing a patient's mental health, carrying out a wide range of corrective measures, and participating in the overall treatment process. 

In other words, the clinical psychologist works in tandem with the treating physician, because medical therapy and pills do not cure psychosomatics, and without correction of psychosomatics, no medical treatment has a positive result!

What psychological problems do people come to me with?
Personal problems
  • Crisis Conditions;
  • Depression, apathy, loss of meaning;
  • Anxiety, fears, phobias;
  • Experiencing the loss of a loved one;
  • Problems in intimate life;
  • Low self-esteem, lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities;
  • Problems in relationships with others.
Problems in the family
  • Family Crisis;
  • Marital conflicts;
  • Divorce, separation, the end of a relationship;
  • Relationship problems, co-dependency;
  • Dissatisfaction with a marriage or close relationship;
  • Situations of adultery and jealousy;
  • A difficult relationship with a child;
  • A child who is often ill;
  • The child does not want to learn;
  • Problems of children's socialization.
Career and business problems
  • Emotional burnout;
  • Problems in relations with management or subordinates;
  • Setting up your own business;
  • Restrictive attitudes about money;
  • Achieving ambitious goals;
  • Overcoming the crisis in finance and business.

The number of COVID19 referrals has increased dramatically in the last year! Many people panic, the meaning of life is lost - a dead end! What about you?

Any psychological problem creates stress, and stress is fertile ground for the development of psychosomatic pathology!
What are the symptoms that you should seek my help with?
A clinical psychologist works with borderline mental conditions, such as neuroses, and with psychosomatics, that is, psychological problems that provoke the development of somatic disorders.
You need the help of a medical psychologist if observed:
  • depression and depressive states;
  • eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia);
  • deviant behavior (not conforming to generally accepted social norms);
  • psychosomatic (including cancer) disorders and diseases;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • anxiety, phobias, panic states, sleep disorders;
  • constant stress;
  • personality disorder;
  • additive (dependent) behavior, etc.
  • interpersonal and family problems;
  • child pathopsychology.

Also, the services of a clinical psychologist are required when there are such problems as functional infertility, vegetovascular dystonia, the headache of unknown genesis.

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